Why would this simple automation rule not have run?

I installed a Zooz Zen30 today for my front porch lights, with the lights connected to the dimmer switch. As I expand my zwave network, I will also eventually have my back porch light and outside garage lights on smart switches. So I figured I'd go ahead and make a group, and call it Outdoor Lights. Right now, there is just this single dimmer switch added. It looks like this. Side questions, how does "use group device to indicate of any members are on?" work exactly? It would be nice if some of these options had tooltips or something. What I assume it means, is lets say there are 4 switches in the group, if any of the switches are on, the "Outside Lights" group will report as being on. Is this correct?

I created a simple automation rule to turn this group on at 50% brightness 30 minutes after sunset. There are no restrictions.

The light did not come on. As far as I can tell, there was no log entry created for it either. I'm on platform version (I will probably skip 2.2.3 after seeing all the problems posted. Here is what I see under System Events for the sunset time. So the light should have turned on at 8:08pm.

sunsetTime | 2020-09-13T23:36:00.000Z | API | 2020-09-12 07:38:00.221 PM EDT

I'm not even sure where to start troubleshooting this.

Instead of group switch, trying adding that dimmer directly in the rule and see what happens.

I guess I should have tested this before I posted. There seems to be something wrong with the switch. I just installed it today. I updated the firmware, and ran into a couple of issues, but doing a factory reset seemed to fix everything. I had it re-added to Hubitat; I was able to control it via the hub and the buttons on the switch were working fine. But now the buttons are unresponsive and it's not responding to zwave commands. The LED indicator is also not on. I tried turning the breaker off and back on with no change. So I guess I need to take it back out and check the wiring, but that doesn't make any sense because I don't see how it could have just suddenly stopped working.

Well I disconnected the Zen30 and reconnected the 2 basic switches and when I flipped the power back on, both lights immediately came on. So there was definitely something going on with the switch. That's 2 dead Zen30s. I'm going to make a separate post about it and go ahead and contact Zooz support.

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