Automated way to shutdown hub with security enabled?

Continuing the discussion from [Now with code for Nut discovery + UPS & outlet status] Support for UPS?:

I have UPS data working in HE using the NUT driver and am wondering if anything has changed since @bravenel posted:

Is there another method to shut down the hub with security enabled when the UPS is low?

I have an automated script to take backups with hub authentication enabled. It should be pretty easy to adapt it to shut the hub down.

This driver allows for shutting down and restarting a hub and supports security enabled hubs. I use this driver alongside a RM rule to shutdown when my UPS gets low (although on a security disabled hub).


Have you ever thought about adding them to a GitHub repository as an offsite backup?

Its in a github gist. This is my preferred method of backing up 1-off things instead of combining them in a full repo. I have gists for all of my 1-off scripts and snippets as an offsite backup with version control.

I was meaning adding the Hubitat backups to a repository, not the scripts.

Interesting idea, but to me, git is for version control, not backup. If my nas crashes, my hubitat backups will be the least of my problems.

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