Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1

I am slowly switching to TRVs drivers support now... After I finish the work for this Tuya/Moes TRV, will ba back on Aqara.

@stueyhughes what is the most important feature you would like to have implemented for Aqara E1? The external temperature sensor will be the last feature to be added, as it is the most complex... what are the other most important features for you?

For me external temperature sensor :crazy_face:

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Oh thanks, I'm looking for any TRV with a rotatable head. On the Aqara, it would be great if it displayed the current room temperature, I assume it will do this once the external sensor issue is sorted. Will this be the case?

Showing the current room temperature (as measured by the Aqara E1 internal temperature sensor) should be working even now. What driver version are you using?

Hi, @kkossev, I'm currently using Generic ZigBee Thermos driver. Which do you suggest now? It's the actual TRV head which doesn't display the current room temperature

Hi, I'm afraid this doesn't work. The TRV head only displays the setpoint temperature and not the room temperature. This is quite frustrating as you can't tell if the valve is calling for heat or not because you have no idea what the current room temperature actually is unless you look at the app on your phone.

I can't recall any TRV that displays the room temperature on the LCD screen.... All TRVs show the heating setpoint only.

Normally, there should be no need to read what the LCD is showing.
If a person feels cold - then turn the knob clockwise - increase the temperature.
If the same person feels it is too warm - turn the knob clockwise - decrease the temperature..

I feel comfortable at 18-19 degrees, My wife feels it is cold when the room temperature is 23 degrees ..:frowning:

Edit: I was wrong - this TRV does show both temperatures.

Thanks KKossev, i have a different Moe's House TRV and this also shows the current room temperature.

If a TRV doesn't show temp, then you don't know how much to turn it up by.

For example if the room temperature is actually at 20 degrees (which I wouldn't know from the TRV) if i feel cold and want a tiny temperature rise, then I may wrongly turn the valve to a set point to 19 or 20 because I don't actually know what temperature. In this case the valve wouldn't turn on.

Conversely, because I don't know the room temperature, I may assume the room temperature is at 25 degrees and then turn to 26 degrees. In this instance, I'd receive a 6 degree rise because the room temperature is actually 20 degrees which would be too much.

Is it the case that the TRV may show the room temperature once the remote Thermostat issue is resolved?

Alternatively, does anyone know of a ZigBee TRV with this functionality and a rotatable dial?

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I suppose you mean 'once the remote temperature sensor issue is resolved'?
No, I don't see a command to select what is shown on the Aqara E1 TRV - it is always the target temperature (the set point).

At my house, we have always used the principle "raise the TRV temperature a step up" or "lower the temperature a step down". And this works for a couple of hours until the Thermostat Scheduler kicks in and resets the manually set temperature to whatever is in the daily schedule - this saves a lot of energy /$$$ :slight_smile:

No news with external temperature sensor? :frowning:

Not yet.

Are you sure that an external temperature sensor will make the Aqara E1 TRV working much better?
I am using it at the moment with the inbuilt sensor, and the deviation of the room temperature measured by a sensor several meters away from the radiator is very low - less than one degree!

So, using the inbuilt temperature sensor combined with the Aqara PID algorithm in their firmware is working very well for my setup... But every environment is different.

For me yes, because my trv In living room is behind sofa and external sensor will be much better...

You can try to monitor your Aqara E1 TRV performance with a time graph like this :


(the graph looks messy w/ some spikes because of the tests I have made today )
The blue line is the external sensor temperature readings - it is placed about 4 meters away from the radiator. The temperature differs by less than 0.8 degrees during the day.

The pink-colored line (left axis) is the temperature measured by another external sensor placed on top of the radiator (where the hot water comes in). It actually shows when the TRV valve is open, as the Aqara E1 does not report back the valve position - a big disadvantage for my graphs .. : (

But the Aqara E1 inbuilt PID control algorithm works just fine in my use case.

Hmm and how this could be helpful for me ?

You will know whether the TRV keeps the set temperature or not…