Aqara FP2 released

There is no hubitat driver but it can be brought in by Homekit, Echo, and Google as well as HA I believe.

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Yup - that is how I am doing it, with a virtual switch/presence sensor an it works great.


And once I get my replacement sensors, this will be my preferred method, as it’s capable of full local with no chance of sync issues with HE


I could only bring it in via ifttt
Google hub was only one way
And I don't need another system with homekit or echo
I'm hoping someone will release a driver soonish

You bring it in via virtual switches. No need for ifttt


something like this

Yes. That's how most people bring in stuff attached to google/siri/echo


thank you...

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Hey all
I'm really struggling with habitat VD and Google home...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My steps
Set up in HE and VD (switch)..gave it a name and a room
Set up GH services to see HE and this VD switch
GH can see the VD switch..I can press the Google home icon of this HE VD switch in GH instant change in HE (on/off)

So far so good

I then set up a household routine in GH
The first
Starter: when a device does something
I select if presence sensor fp 2 detects motion
With conditions: anytime anyday
Action: VD switch turns on
The second
I select if presence sensor fp 2 detects no motion for 1 minute
Action: VD switch turns off

This is where I'm expecting this to just "work"..
But. No

If I go to in GH household routines and press the run works..VD switches as required

But it's just not running automatically

I have no idea why..

Note I have ifttt doing something similar and that just works....but for my reasons.. not ideal

Sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum...
But it's the aqara fp2 I tried to get into my system

Sounds like is a Google home issue as the switch works to hubitat so I would ask a question there. I believe the feature of controlling other devices with GH is a new one so it could be a bug?

It has to be that ..a bug with GH
And certain devices...
Same issues with homeseer and hubitat

Looks like ifttt until it gets solved

You could try using Amazon Alexa. A physical Amazon echo device is not even required. Just install the Amazon Alexa App on your mobile phone, and add the Hubitat and Aqara skils. Then add Alexa Routines that uses the FP2's sensors as triggers. I used the same approach for years with my Ring doorbell. It worked very reliably and quickly.

For my FP2, I am using its HomeKit functionality, along with an instance of Home Assistant running on a HA Yellow hub. Then, I use HADB to bring the FP2's sensors into Hubitat. All local, no cloud.


How likely is a HE driver? I'm assuming the device would need some sort of local API in addition to HomeKit. Presumably it also allows local control with an Aqara hub, but that would require some effort to reverse engineer if its even possible.

I'm no expert, so looking for feedback from others on this one.

In the FP2's current state - not very likely at all. Thus the reason folks are using HomeKit, Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home to try to integrate the FP2 with Hubitat.

Once Aqara adds Matter support to the FP2, and then IF Hubitat adds Matter support to the HE Hub... then it will become more likely.


I just ordered one....


Where did you find it?


Finally I ordered 2 of them.


They're back in stock on

I reordered just one this time. I have two places where mmW sensors will help, but I've decided to use a Tuya ZY-M100-S for my second sensor. I just need accurate presence, not exacting location for one of them. The ZY-M100-S was under $20 CAD shipped from Aliexpress versus $123 CAD for the Aqara FP2.


Also in the US, with delivery being in 2.5 weeks.

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