Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup



thank you for the donations everyone … both for using the driver and showing your appreciation.

it is highly appreciated and keeps me motivated.


@bangali , Hi there, wow, just trying this out and so far it's brilliant. It even works down here in Sydney, AUS :slight_smile:


worldwide mate! :wink:

jokes apart … that is awesome to hear. the intent was off course to use a weather api that works worldwide … but its good to hear that it actually works worldwide. :slight_smile:

thank you for trying out the driver and confirming that it also works down under.


Yeah man, it's working great.
I first got it working with city and then also with lat. and long.
I'm currently using the "Attribute" template and then applying "states" or "variables" as "names" for things such as;

is the best approach ?

This does however limit how tiles can be coloured, though as if they're all using "Atribute" template then they all change colour when one is changed



for now. let me take a look at what else I can do to make it better.


I’m just getting migrated over to Hubitat and grabbing everything I can to add to the base. I copied your code and created a driver. From there I (suppose ) I need to create a virtual device but it’s askig for a device Id to be entered by me. Is am I doing this wrong


nothing wrong ... just use any unique number (max of 99999 i think) that is not in use by another device to identify the device within HE … like so:


@bangali, Is it best to use the LOGS to detect how specific I can get in defining the weather location ?


see the request parameters section here:


specifically the q parameter.


Thanks, that got me installed. Just waiting on email verification from them now. I submitted a trouble ticket as I’ve tried to get a verification code 5 times and no joy yet.


sure thing.

yeah … i had that happen … try a different email address.


How exactly do I get these icons to show up in dashboard. I tried a bunch of attribute combinations.

Thank you


The attribute is either "visual" or "visualWithText"... depending if you just want the image or image and text.


just wanted to double check that it's still not possible to get forecast data. I'm liking the new icons for the dashboard, and would really like to have both current conditions and tomorrow's forecasted condition shown.


the forecast data is available. i just havent bothered to publish since no has asked.

what did you need from this … just tomorrows condition?

 forecast: [
    forecastday: [
            date: 2018-08-17,
             date_epoch: 1534464000,
             day: [
                maxtemp_c: 35.2,
                 maxtemp_f: 95.4,
                 mintemp_c: 28.9,
                 mintemp_f: 84.0,
                 avgtemp_c: 31.6,
                 avgtemp_f: 88.8,
                 maxwind_mph: 8.9,
                 maxwind_kph: 14.4,
                 totalprecip_mm: 1.3,
                 totalprecip_in: 0.05,
                 avgvis_km: 19.2,
                 avgvis_miles: 11.0,
                 avghumidity: 70.0,
                 condition: [
                    text: Heavy rain at times,
                     icon: //cdn.apixu.com/weather/64x64/day/305.png,
                     code: 1192
                 uv: 12.0
             astro: [
                sunrise: 05: 14 AM,
                 sunset: 06: 07 PM,
                 moonrise: 10: 54 AM,
                 moonset: 10: 37 PM
            date: 2018-08-18,
             date_epoch: 1534550400,
             day: [
                maxtemp_c: 35.3,
                 maxtemp_f: 95.5,
                 mintemp_c: 29.9,
                 mintemp_f: 85.8,
                 avgtemp_c: 32.0,
                 avgtemp_f: 89.5,
                 maxwind_mph: 7.6,
                 maxwind_kph: 12.2,
                 totalprecip_mm: 2.4,
                 totalprecip_in: 0.09,
                 avgvis_km: 19.6,
                 avgvis_miles: 12.0,
                 avghumidity: 70.0,
                 condition: [
                    text: Moderate or heavy rain shower,
                     icon: //cdn.apixu.com/weather/64x64/day/356.png,
                     code: 1243
                 uv: 11.6
             astro: [
                sunrise: 05: 15 AM,
                 sunset: 06: 06 PM,
                 moonrise: 11: 49 AM,
                 moonset: 11: 19 PM
            date: 2018-08-19,
             date_epoch: 1534636800,
             day: [
                maxtemp_c: 35.8,
                 maxtemp_f: 96.4,
                 mintemp_c: 28.6,
                 mintemp_f: 83.5,
                 avgtemp_c: 32.2,
                 avgtemp_f: 89.9,
                 maxwind_mph: 7.8,
                 maxwind_kph: 12.6,
                 totalprecip_mm: 9.0,
                 totalprecip_in: 0.35,
                 avgvis_km: 17.4,
                 avgvis_miles: 10.0,
                 avghumidity: 68.0,
                 condition: [
                    text: Moderate or heavy rain shower,
                     icon: //cdn.apixu.com/weather/64x64/day/356.png,
                     code: 1243
                 uv: 11.4
             astro: [
                sunrise: 05: 15 AM,
                 sunset: 06: 05 PM,
                 moonrise: 12: 42 PM,
                 moonset: No moonset


Yeah, condition so I can add an icon would be great.
Max and min temp (in Fahrenheit) would be nice too, I suppose!

Thanks for the quick reply!


@josh is wind always expected in MPH even when using outside of the US?

thank you.



Love it, thank you!


Right now, the units are hard coded in MPH on the weather tile but I need to change them to be dynamic. If you can include the units parameter along with the event, I'll update the tile to grab the units from the attribute. :grinning: