Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup



How do I get a key? They never send me the activation email. Have tried several times and verified it's not in junk.


signed up here?


click link on activation email … mine is from support@apixu.com

if already signed up login and check your dashboard for the key.


Yes. They acknowledge my account, but show it as not verified (which it is not). No key is present, because the account has not been verified. Other account verifications and notifications are working fine with that address. Weird. Guess I'll try a different email domain.


Yeah weird. They don't like outlook.com email addresses. Used my smarthomeprimer domain and received it 1 second after submitting.


ha … thats probably the silent filtering feature of the exchange server you are seeing in action :wink:


Wow, nice driver!. I'm sorry I waited so long to try it. Everything is really close to my PWS, except the wind. Even though I entered my coordinates, they're pulling from a station about 7 kilometers away. That reading is 6 km/h and my readings are 0 right now.

Thank you for all the work put into this!


have you tried using lat,long instead?

you are welcome.

edit: any of these should work without the q=

* Latitude and Longitude (Decimal degree) e.g: q=48.8567,2.3508
* city name e.g.: q=Paris
* US zip e.g.: q=10001
* UK postcode e.g: q=SW1
* Canada postal code e.g: q=G2J
* metar:<metar code> e.g: q=metar:EGLL
* iata:<3 digit airport code> e.g: q=iata:DXB
* auto:ip IP lookup e.g: q=auto:ip
* IP address (IPv4 and IPv6 supported) e.g: q=


Yep. That's what I meant by coordinates. Not a problem since I do have an anemometer on the roof now :grinning: Just really cool to have all the other data that I didn't have.


you mean i was supposed to read the entire post before responding? sorry. :blush:


Funny. I know you did. Most would say lat, long. I just speak abnormally :wink:


true i did. but somehow in my mind i glossed over the coordinate part and just thought you were using zipcode like most. :slight_smile:


Nope. No Zoning Improvement Plan in Canada. That's unique to the US.


i had my suspicion when you said this:

confirmed: canadian. :slight_smile:


Nope. American. California native, but I've lived here for 20 years. You grow into the culture and their way of speaking.


details … details. after 20 years there probably canadian in every other way other than your passport? :slight_smile:

btw … thanks for being nice and kind. we miss nice and kind right now.


Yep we need to get the clowns out of the driver seat. Still my country. I've never stopped voting.


updated main post with contribution from @jebbett to use some cool weather icons. credit for icons as below.

*  Contributors:
*       https://github.com/jebbett      code for new weather icons based on weather condition data.
*       https://www.deviantart.com/vclouds/art/VClouds-Weather-Icons-179152045     new weather icons courtesy of VClouds


Im Loving this my question is would it be benafitial to upgrade my accout to paid especialy regarding illuminance?


Since illuminance isn't provided by Apixu, but is instead being calculated, not sure it would help unless you've other reasons.

Adding your own illuminance sensor would cost less in the long run and give you real values.


I never checked apixu to see if they provide more frequently updated data with the paid plans. if they do … it would help by getting more real-time data for weather conditions so your illumination updates would more closely reflect outside cloud cover and condition changes.

otherwise what @SmartHomePrimer said.