Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup



done. since i dont use sharptools not tested with it … but if something is missing just let me know.


the driver now has the forecast data.


Something doesn't seem right. To see any weather icon at all, I had to turn on "Publish WU mappings" is that correct behavior? Also, I'm still seeing wind in MPH, even thought "Imperial Units" is disabled in your driver. I also don't have the weather station location in the top left, and I don't see the condition in the bottom left or sunrise/sunset times.

Here is is next to @Cobra 's Custom WU driver and Weewx driver with Apixu supplemental data (note my Weewx RPi is not installed at the moment so some data is missing because of that).


after publishing the driver just click the poll button on the device to see the new data. if you dont do that the new data will be shown when the scheduled polls happens next.

how are you displaying that data? … doesnt seem like thats HE dashboard.


Oh Sorry, that's SharpTools (you did say you were not a SharpTools user :wink: ). I did click Poll and waited well beyond the 5 minute polling period I have set. Data in the driver details seems correct and does show the weather icons, etc. Just not seeing everything in SharpTools the way I'm seeing them in Andy's driver.


as @josh said:


OK, so @josh still has some work to do on this end. Also, I think @Cobra has not had the opportunity to make that particular change to his drivers yet.


ok. WU mappings have nothing to do with the icons. polling will always return the latest unless the poll failed for some reason.

EDIT: this is what is shown in the logs if the poll failed:

[dev:379] 2018-08-17 17:11:01.265:warnNo response from ApiXU API
[dev:379] 2018-08-17 17:11:01.248:debug[:]
[dev:379] 2018-08-17 17:11:01.248:errorhttp call failed for ApiXU weather api: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out


OK, maybe initially I just didn't wait long enough before I went and turned on the WU mappings. I'll turn them off. It just acted different then when I initially installed @cobra 's WU driver, which showed all the information immeaiately upon installing the tile.

So regardless of poll time, the data still isn't showing up as expected, wouldn't you agree? Should not say Apixu Weather in the top left, which it's still showing on the live tile. Also, I don't see condition or sunrise/sunset times in the lower left. Is that just a choice you made in your driver?


No failures. Log looks good

Driver details look good


yes … when you install new driver code for existing driver and not changed any setting so it hasnt polled yet … it will act differently than what is shown from any driver that has been running for a while or an entirely new driver. :slight_smile:

to confirm the data is there go to the driver and check what HE shows in the portal for current state.


looks like location, condition, sunrise and sunset is all there then? thats what you are using in sharptools?


I've had your driver installed longer than @Cobra 's :wink:

I'm not understanding the last part clearly. I have that driver installed, yes. I am selecting it as a temperature device in Sharp Tools, yes. Is that what you mean?


right. thats why when you update the code for the driver the new data will not show up till the next poll. :slight_smile:

from the image you posted seems all the state data you are referring to is there. like if you are using location … its there and should be showing up. may be i need to make is state change is true for them otherwise sharptools does not refresh. will wait for @josh to confirm.


OK. Your driver definitely is pulling in all the data, but I had not looked at it in anything other that the device details until now because I'm not a dashboard user. When Sharp Tools became available (honestly didn't know what Sharp Tools was until yesterday) i added it and really like it, so I'm hoping to get the weather part working correctly. I'm not a tablet on the wall kind of guy, but I could maybe consider it now that I see this.


I deployed a change about 2 hours ago that has the weather tile pull the wind units directly from the wind attribute. If they aren't available, it will fall back to mph

If you haven't refreshed your page in that time, just do a normal page refresh.


No, I've manually refreshed. Manually refreshed the driver too and I have a 5 minute refresh time set, which we've gone well beyond several times now.


Yes, it needs to be a state change otherwise it doesn't act like an event. SharpTools doesn't do any polling - it subscribes to the attribute and then pushes the events over.


I'm away from a computer at the moment, but I can look at the code and test when I get back.


didnt want to create an event flood … which works on HE dashboard since it auto refreshes. :slight_smile:

will make everything state change.