Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup



Thank you. I will give it a go.


I'm trying to reduce my log size. What line should i comment out so I can stop the location and weather data from showing in the debug log?


good idea. just update to the latest code and that will do it.


Thanks. Appreciate you putting this up on Github too. So much easier to copy the RAW then scroll though a thread. :smile:


sure thing. hadnt expect this driver to become as popular as it has … once it did putting this up on github was the right thing to do. :slight_smile:


I am probably missing something but how do we trigger automation on events with this device driver? I can't find any way to do it in RM.


so in RM you cant select the pressure or temperature to trigger an action?


I actually didn't look for those. I needed wind speed.


ahh … dont think RM supports those attributes.

if you want me to i can always add turning on/off a switch based on certain wind speed value?


Thanks, but I ended up using this:


cool. is weather underground still providing free API access to their weather data? thought that was only going to be available with paid plans.

this was the primary reason why i went to the trouble of finding the apixu source and putting this driver together:

guess you are OK till the end of this year.


Weather Switch can be used with any weather driver, assuming it produces the correct attributes.


got it … the snippet shown with the link was misleading :slight_smile:




Does your weather DH have the alerts to support @Cobra new alert weather trigger in Message Central?


sorry not familiar with message central functionality.


No worries. Does your weather device capture weather alerts?


heres the data it uses … think most if not all of those fields are available from the driver:


if there is something available from the api but not exposed in the driver please let me know and i will include it.


Alas the apixu does not support severe weather or alerts. No worries I can have (2) weather devices. One for lux (your device) and the other for weather alerts. :slight_smile:


how are you getting weather alerts … do you have a PWS?