Apixu.com worldwide weather data with outside lux. No PWS or server setup

sure thing. hadnt expect this driver to become as popular as it has … once it did putting this up on github was the right thing to do. :slight_smile:

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I am probably missing something but how do we trigger automation on events with this device driver? I can't find any way to do it in RM.

so in RM you cant select the pressure or temperature to trigger an action?

I actually didn't look for those. I needed wind speed.

ahh … dont think RM supports those attributes.

if you want me to i can always add turning on/off a switch based on certain wind speed value?

Thanks, but I ended up using this:

cool. is weather underground still providing free API access to their weather data? thought that was only going to be available with paid plans.

this was the primary reason why i went to the trouble of finding the apixu source and putting this driver together:

guess you are OK till the end of this year.

Weather Switch can be used with any weather driver, assuming it produces the correct attributes.

got it … the snippet shown with the link was misleading :slight_smile:


Does your weather DH have the alerts to support @Cobra new alert weather trigger in Message Central?

sorry not familiar with message central functionality.

No worries. Does your weather device capture weather alerts?

heres the data it uses … think most if not all of those fields are available from the driver:


if there is something available from the api but not exposed in the driver please let me know and i will include it.

Alas the apixu does not support severe weather or alerts. No worries I can have (2) weather devices. One for lux (your device) and the other for weather alerts. :slight_smile:

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how are you getting weather alerts … do you have a PWS?

Using @cobra WU driver. I must admit that I am debating about getting a PWS though as they are now somewhat affordable.

do you subscribe to a paid WU service so the driver can get the alerts data with your WU key?

I am one of the lucky grandfathered api keys. So no I don’t pay but do get alerts.

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nice! for the rest of use there is always apixu and view thru the window. :slight_smile:

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