Any presence sensor? (z-wave preferred)

I'm looking for a device/FOB that a person can carry or i can put on my car or bike etc..

Im looking for one that would not need a separate hub or gateways for the sensors, if posisble.

Basically i want awareness of people and things entering and leaving my home (z-wave range)

I prefer z-wave FOBs, else, Wifi based would be preferred next (im trying to build a 99% z-wave project (trying to avoid zigbee and wifi if i can)

Smartthings Arrival Sensor... Works really well. I have them on our keychains. It is zigbee though. What's your aversion to zigbee?

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I've been using smarthings sensors for two or three years. Now I'm getting false battery readings. At 1st i would change at 40% that's what I have for alerts on all my batteries. They use to last 3 to 4 weeks now the next day it drops to 12%. think something changed on one of my upgrades. Have you had this problem?

No... You're not use lithum bats are you?

anything else besides Smartthings Arrival Sensor?

Zigbee ? well here's to name a few:

  1. devices are loosey goosey because manufacturers dont need to follow strict standards like zwave.. i've tried so many zigbee and zwave oem/off brand products and i have such a high rate of issues with zigbee products from incompatiblity, partially working, just not working reliably etc.. but with z-wave i rarely have issues. overall zwave devices are a bit more expensive but tend to be much better quality ..

  2. Zigbee uses noisy spectrum 2.4Ghz ..... just like wifi...... they have shorter range, have a harder time penetrating barriers, and susceptible to noise. Low power, low noise, longer range, 900Mhz signal much better and more professional IMO

Zwave's been more quality oriented, interoperable, reliable, and more stable in my many years experience playing with smarthome stuff and non mainstream brand or even oem / generic device options from CHina.

That said i still use some zigbee devices when there's no other option (like Philips hue)


Aren't CR-2032 batteries always lithium? At least they have been, the last few times I've bought them.


Without getting into a z-wave vs zigbee debate (and you'll find takers on both sides here), I can tell you that the SmartThings arrival sensor works flawlessly (and without error) with Hubitat. Which presumably is your use case, because you've posed the question here.

Yes, CR-2032 have always used lithium

I haven't had this issue with the arrival sensor (however, I'm using it with AA batteries that last about 8-12 months). But you could consider re-pairing the arrival sensor to Hubitat (without unpairing it).

I thought it was using a CR2 not the watch battery style

Ive had few issues with zigbee (had one issue with an iris v2 motion sensor kept dropping but I finally trashed it) I have a few mains repeaters in the house though including one by the back and one by the front door) so my arrival sensor works really well. That with my phone will auto unlock my front door (which in turn turns up the lights) If both my phone and my fob leave it will lock my door after 5 mins and send a message to my phone calling me a dumbass for leaving the house unlocked.

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Also I wonder if ip presence sensor will work for you. It simply checks if your phone is on the network. You simply reserve an ip in your dhcp for it and it will check it at set intervals (I use this with the sensor) That way as soon as you're approaching your house and your phone catches the network, that will trigger what you need.


I see... will keep smartthings arrival sensor on top of the list then. thank you!

Thanks for that and yes i've done IP based detection (i used Almond router with built in actions for IP/Devices) .. but I want to enable presence awareness on other things like my bag , my car, even the dog. Working with the IP detection of Almond, we put together a small arduino presence tags and this worked alright.. But it's still quite bulky and this time around i want to try a non wifi/IP based approach.

Yeah, then the only thing I can reccomend is the ST presence sensor

If you want longer range use a couple Xbee3.
One as router and one as a presence sensor.

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I know this is an old thread but it fits what im trying to figure out so before I make a new post.

I don't have any ZigBee devices but have a nice zwave mesh. 7 GE/HONEYWELL switches.

I installed a z wave deadbolt. It's working pretty good. Hubitat presence sensing is a little spotty and I did create a virtual switch with google home.

If I used the smart thing presence sensor, could I make that turn on a virtual switch when I get home, that virtual switch will open my zwave lock.

It would be much easier to have a keychain for my wife and guests.

My zwave lock doesn't have codes or anything (Kwikset Convert Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock Kit - Satin Nickel (99140-102)) to give guests.

You don't even need to do that. You can use it to directly lock or unlock the lock


A ZigBee presence sensor will work with a zwave lock?

I guess it's more ZigBee sensor tells hubitat "I'm home" and then hubitat unlocks the lock now that I think about it.

And I don't need a smart things hub for it?