Any presence sensor? (z-wave preferred)

Maybe I am reading this wrong, but I think he was referring to you wanting to use a virtual switch. That isn't necessary, you can just have whatever device trigger a rule that unlocks a lock.

No, these Smarrthings sensors are just generic Zigbee devices.

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First thank you for taking the time of your day to help me.

I think I get it.

ZigBee sensor will say I'm home for presence, then hubitat will unlock the z wave lock.

Will the smart things sensor work without a smart things hub?

Yes, this isn't any different than any other Zigbee device.

Now changing subjects a tiny bit, I am not sure if you really want a something like that Smartthings device. There are a couple things to be aware of with this type device, and security in general.

If you did set up a rule for this, any time it became "present" it would trigger a rule. So if it lost signal, and you are sitting in the living room, it could unlock the door. There are no manual buttons like a car remote to push, this is just a sensor. They work well enough, but I am not sure I would put all my faith into something like this to work as a security device.

If you want an actual pushbutton, they are available, but there aren't many choices. The FIBARO FGKF-601, the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Key Fob (maybe only available used?) and maybe another random brand or two. I don't have any experience with these, so I cannot make a specific recommendation, (or if they even work with Hubitat) but it seems like this would be a better option for your requirement of " a keychain for my wife and guests."

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Yes, and the fob fits on a key chain. I actually used combined presence. My phone and my keys must be home for auto unlock/lock. For shutting down the house a minimum of 2 phones and a fob must have left (if either one of us drives the other leaves their keys in the house) I have other stuff going on with them too

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