Any plans for Ring doorbell integration?

how is this virtual presence sensor better in automation over using a virtual switch? I've tried to use the code in Message central and the only trigger I could find is for switch not motion.

First, it is a virtual motion sensor, not a presence sensor. So make sure you you select motion as the device type in whatever App you use.

How is it better? Well, I like to use the correct Capability whenever possible. Since Ring is reporting a Motion event, I feel that a Motion device is appropriate. However, since an Alexa Routine cannot directly change the state of a Hubitat virtual motion sensor, I added the Switch capability. This allows for 3rd party platforms like Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT to easily change the state of a virtual device, like this motion device.

Thanks. I typed wrong, that's what I meant to say.

Ok. So why doesn't this show up as a motion sensor for a trigger then?

Works fine for me in every app I have tried (like Motion Lighting and Rule Machine). Are you sure you selected the correct Driver when manually creating the device?

doh! you make too many devices that I use. LOL. You are correct, I was using the virtual presence device driver.

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Pardon my ignorance, is there any way to set up the Ring doorbell to record video through Hubitat without internet access? My understanding is that Alexa 100% requires internet access.

I don't think so... Ring stores all of their video clips in their cloud server. I am not aware of anyone figuring out a way to capture the live video stream directly from a Ring Doorbell over the LAN.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know of any connected camera devices that can record video locally and displayed through Hubitat. Perhaps Wyzecam?

Wyzecam cannot easily display video in anything other than the Wyzecam App. BTW - I love my Wyzecams!

When you say display video through Hubitat, what exactly do you mean? Are you wanting live video feeds within the 'Hubitat Dashboard'? You would have to use a special tile for that. Take a look at the Hubitat Dashboard threads for some examples. I have never attempted to do this, but others have.

Yes, to either see live video feed or recorded video feed through the Hubitat dashboard in some way. For example, I could have an automated routine where when a motion sensor is triggered, I could have the camera record. Either the camera would record to its SD card, or hopefully through a network attached storage. I'd like to be able to handle this through Hubitat. Clearly I'm very new to this. Thank you for your patience.

I have had success with live video from my wyzecam in the dashboard utilizing tiny cam

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The following topic might be part of what you're looking for... And, I bet the folks in that thread may be better able to answer your video related questions...

Reviving this thread. I am a new HE user. I am LOVING the local control of HE. Every time I get an e-mail that ST has another "issue", I chuckle that ST is now (almost) in my rear view mirror. I have now migrated all of my Z-wave devices, Hue hub, 2 Lutron Pro hubs, 78 Caseta switches and Picos, and a few other things, to HE. So far I have found that HE is reliable - and FAST. Loving the zero lag between Pico switches and Hue / Caseta. But I digress.

The only devices I have left on ST is Sonos and Ring. I use BigTalker2 on ST with my Sonos and Ring. When the Ring button is pressed, my Sonos announces (on 4 different Sonos devices around the house) "Excuse me for the interruption, but there is somebody at the front door". This is the first home automation thing my wife actually loves. I giggle every time I hear it too.

The lag is about 1 - 2 seconds max when the Ring button is pressed until the announcement starts. I realize the lag will not go away with HE because I (assume) there is no "local" communication possible between the Ring and HE (or ST). Regardless, I know BigTalker is available on HE, as is Sonos, so I guess the Ring button press is the only missing link.

I did try Ring with IFTTT but the lag was longer than 2 seconds. So for now I need to keep ST for this feature, unless we can get HE to recognize the Ring button press.

Figured I would ask here about it.


Are you in the US and do you own an Echo device?
If so, check out this thread


Have you tried using the Alexa App and routine route as mentioned above?
I've been playing with two solutions and both seem to work:

  1. The IFTTT approach with the unofficial Ring Integration (I now only use this for automating setting and disabling my Ring Alarm): [Release] Ring Integration

  2. Creating a Virtual Switch, then having a routine in the Alexa app trigger that switch when there is a Ring. I'm using @ogiewon's Switch/Motion driver. This is what I have stuck with.

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FYI, I've benchmarked the performance between IFTTT and SmartThings lately from Ring via the SmartThings integration and hublink versus the IFTTT integration/Webhooks and the unofficial integration. They are almost always a dead tie. While I don't have the Alexa switch thing setup any more I always found the Alexa integration to be about the same speed as the SmartThings integration so the speed may have improved. It could be worth a try to give IFTTT another shot.

Hi All

I am new to Hubitat. (Read about three days now) I am trying to get my Ring doorbell pro and chimes into Hubitat and I ran into this:

An error occured Device type 'Ring Generic Camera' in namespace 'codahq-hubitat' not found
Succesfully added Ring Chime Pro with DNI RING-11447477
Succesfully added Ring Chime Pro with DNI RING-11447942

Any ideas or pointers? As I said, I am "wet behind the ears" when it comes to my hubitat and especially non native apps and drivers.

Thanks in advance!

You haven't installed all of the drivers. The app tried to install a device for you but could not because the custom driver is not present. Have you looked at the steps in the first thread of that release topic? I suggest you read them (or read them again) and if you have a specific question, please ask that question in the thread.

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Thanks for the quick reply! You were correct, I missed the actual camera driver.
Sorry if I was "speaking out of turn" here. Now back to figuring out the IFTTT thing. Never used it before.....

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