Another Hub Slowing Down

I'll try the generic Z-wave drivers first before I relegate them in the same box with my Insteon stuff.....

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I would really try the re-location first.. Would rule out many potential issues.. Temperature, Ethernet cabling, Possible signal issues to that room.. etc


Sounds like a plan.....will report my findings later....thanks to all who spent their time to help... :grinning: :grinning:

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This. But do it for all zwave devices that have energy reporting. If you don't use it just turn it off. If you do use it on some reduce the frequency.

You would be surprised at how much traffic energy reporting devices create.

You would also be surprised how much the hub can handle on a happy well performing mesh..


Question....does it hurt to disable logging of the devices?....perhaps that is filling up the memory. I just disabled text and debug logging on all my devices....will see if that helps...

It's a good habit to only enable logging when you need it. Even if it's not to improve perfomance directly, it is certainly helpful to trim down unnecessary logging to highlight critical debug logs, such as errors, which cannot be turned off. If you didn't watch the new video released a few days ago, I recommend doing so when you have 5 minutes available:

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You said in your note:
"Network is fine."
Do you have a switch, or other means, to monitor the particular port that your Hubitat is on to ensure that there are no CRC errors? Even if it works sometimes, a slowdown could be a symptom of something wrong with the NIC of the Hubitat.

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Checked my Unifi network switch port and all seems OK....didn't see any CRC error reporting and throughput is good....thanks....

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Please read these posts, especially the ones towards the end about Ubiquiti switches:

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Mind me asking what other custom apps or devices you have running on your hub? I know you said you don't use much processing power, but some apps can have a greater impact on hub's performance in certain situations.

Very interesting. I do have a new C5 hub and am starting to feel like I may have made a mistake in the purchase. But I am willing to try everything before abandoning the device. Without the ability to see what is under the hood it is next to impossible to see if there is a virus or some hardware issue. I wanted to make a totally Z-wave network after a disappointing Insteon system. Replace my Insteon devices and incorporated new Z-wave devices into the Hubitat. I heard many good things about the Hubitat hub so that was my choice and it works quite well until the last few weeks with the rebooting issue. You can use the command line to check the switch port and I believe the Controller would also show CRC errors.....thanks....

Oh man, don’t get rid of your Insteon stuff until you check this out. I’ve been using this for a year and it’s rock solid stable. No issues at all with control or sensors. We took it from release to beta status in August of 2019 due to an issue report, which we were able to duplicate at the time, but since then I’ve not had further problems.

Insteon stuff is so well made. Once you’re controlling it locally instead of through their cloud connection, it won’t matter if the hub it connected to their server or not.

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I have a ton of Insteon devices in a box after changing out at least 40 devices with Z-wave devices. I had at least three Insteon hubs fail and their App was really bad. I then moved to a Homeseer hub (which I still have) and got tired of buying plugins to make the Insteon stuff work and the interface was not good IMHO. The selection of Z-Wave devices is much greater so I thought it was time to move on....

I will agree with @SmartHomePrimer not to abandon your Insteon for Z-Wave you will not be happy with the lighting and popcorn of the sequential nature of things. What are/were you using? The Insteon Hub? If so... umm... ick.... I use the ISY994i for Insteon and it supports Z-Wave also and there's a Polyglot Nodeserver to integrate Hubitat with the ISY if you need the Zigbee or want to use Hubitat Z-Wave or any other device really.

Hubitat is a great Zigbee controller and it can be integrated with other systems which is a super bonus. There's existing integrations for the ISY with most platforms just not with Hubitat yet.

Problem 1

Problem 2 - HomeSeer is great software but their "hubs" which aren't really hubs especially anything other than the HomeTroller Pro are horrid. Mark Sandler's Insteon plugin though is very good and the only one needed for Insteon but I recommend buying a PLM and using that directly and NOT the Insteon Hub which is garbage see Problem 1.

Absolutely and the sensors are better than Insteon. My big complaint with Insteon are their sensors. The new versions don't quite work right.... just not reliable is what I found.

Anyways. Insteon is still a better protocol for lighting as it's synchronized. Z-Wave is serial and even on the best network you aren't going to achieve the same level of synchronized lighting. If you don't want Insteon but you want great lighting then the next step is Lutron. You can still keep powered devices, plugs etc for Z-Wave or ZigBee for sensors and aux uses.

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I do use the hub. “The reports of their deaths are greatly exaggerated”. In all seriousness, it’s usually a capacitor inside that needs replacing. @mrstanley PM me if you’re good with a soldering iron. I’ll send you replacement capacitors.

Also, I’ve had Insteon hubs replaced under warranty, even after that warranty expired. They can also restore the config to your hub if you send it to them.

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Thanks but I will try to keep the new Z-wave devices and WILL find a I have replaced the capacitor on my last hub but got tired of re-configuring everything. I suppose there really isn't a one size fits all in home automation. I cringe at the thought of replacing all my devices again.

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OK. Hope you don't regret the move. I was thinking I needed to replace my Insteon stuff (admittedly only about 20 devices or so), but I knew that you could control them via IP. @cwwilson08 graciously donated a lot of sweat and tears to the cause and created a fantastic driver with the help of Scott Kuester who built an early Homebridge integration that was based on the work done on Home Assistant. So now we have a fully local IP solution that uses websockets. You only need their app for the initial device setup.

As far as ISY is concerned, that's more expensive than the hub you already own, but yeah, that's another viable solution which I assume doesn't have the hardware issue with the CAP that fails. I put in a higher voltage CAP in mine the last time and it's not been a problem since.

Oh well. I can lead a horse to water...
Best of luck. :v:

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Is there any way to bulk disable debug and descriptive text logging? Device by device seems rather tedious.