Android tv custom notifications

I'm trying to send notifications to my android TV. Notifications should be visible as an overlay.

I don't know if it's already possible to do this. Is something like this already possible in Hubitat?

I expect there we may need a few more details like what you are exporting to the device at the time.... My suspicion would be that you are not exporting anything to the display at the time you want to display the content.

In fact, I would know if it's possible to send notification from Hubitat to android TV and the notification will popup on the screen..

I use the Push TV app on android/google TV's with Pushover. You can use the built in pushover driver in hubitat to send messages.

Is there an local solution for this?

Not entirely sure what I was referring to in my original comment, but looking at the notes from the CURL option in the link provided, it is just a HTTP POST call to send the notification. That should be simple enough to construct in a driver. And it appears to be a local call.

You can give this a try...

I can't test it as I don't have an Android TV. You will need to configure the various elements in the virtual device such as colors, etc. I left off the media bit for now (the image), but can look at how that may work once you can get a notification to appear.


Thank you! I will let you know if I got errors on your github. Thank you! I will let you know if I got errors on your github. I'll follow up in a few days.

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I've tweaked the code in Git to allow it to be saved as a driver in HE now.... Serves me right for trying to write something in a rush before work :wink:

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After we got my driver working, I just realised @nutcracker developed something a few years ago:

Probably not worth re-inventing the wheel, if you are happy to continue maintaining it @nutcracker (not that I expect there will be much to maintain), I'm happy to remove my driver, or vice-versa...

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Hey... I'm not actively updating my plugin so feel free to do what you want to do here! :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks @nutcracker . I think I will continue to develop my version and release it on HPM.


@sburke781 Were you ever able to get the media portion working, that would be a neat add to my Sony (android) TV.

Seems like I did most of the work and never got around to releasing it :slight_smile: Can't guarantee it will work straight away, or exactly how to use it (will need to re-familiarise myself with what I was thinking). But if you're keen, you are welcome to give this version of the driver a try:

At this stage you will need to copy/paste the code onto your HE.

Great! I will give it a try, been using [BETA] AndroidTV Notifier
for sometime now on my Sony OLED TV, works good, but was looking for more, what are the limits of the image?

If you mean the width, the default value I set was 480. Not sure what the upper limit may be, I guess you will just need to play with it a little to find out.

Not getting anything to appear on the TV,

This is the error I get when I hit either button above.

Ah, yes. My bad, I hadn't finished the changes from some time ago, will get a fix out shortly.

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You can try again now, copy-paste the driver from the link I posted earlier.

Had to change the port to 7676 to see anything and I do get a gray box, but it is has not text and it is only in the lower right hand corner. No error messages anymore though.

Does this go through the Notifications for Android TV APK also, like the [BETA] AndroidTV Notifier?

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