Android/iOS App Status?


I am very new user and I don't think it took more than an hour to create a series of nested dashboards for my stuff. That series of dashboards works across all my devices. It works unchanged on my Android phone and tablet, my Chromebook, my iPhone and my 65 inch TV. It works whether I am home or out and about. Talk about getting looks. Try lugging a 65 inch TV around with you.
If I didn't want to mess with creating the nested dashboards, it would take about 60 seconds to automatically create an all devices dashboard. Done. I don't know what anyone could expect from an app that wouldn't require a bunch of setup. Dashboards give you as many individually crafted apps as you care to create. The time wasted in this thread could have resulted in some pretty cool dashboards.


I like the idea of a checklist of devices to be included on the app. You pick the ones you want and the system automagically generates an "app" for you. User friendly and flexible. If you want different styles or features you have the option to create your own dashboard.


Almost like you get to choose which devices on your dashboard will be used to generate a cloud version that then appears in the app when external to your network maybe?


:rofl: now you tell us...


I can't speak for the fruit company, but with Android you save a shortcut to your home page and it looks and works just like an app. Yes it is technically a web page, but it opens in a standalone browser that does not have an address bar or anything. So it literally looks and works like an app except that apps do run slightly faster and allow you to receive push notifications.


It is amusing to see people say that a web page is as quick as an app.

I created an android app for a couple of wall mounted tablets which ports the dashboard web page. Since I disagree with disarming an alarm based on automation I overlaid a keypad on top of the dashboard. Trust me I wish the rest of the dashboard loaded as quickly as my keypad. The dashboard is quick enough, but when you have a noticeable delay it makes you wonder what you could do to fix it.

Given the typical network speeds in large cities these days the delay isn't nearly as noticeable with web pages anymore.

I do understand your preference for having an app. However, I appreciate the approach the HE guys are taking. They just made huge strides with dashboard 2.0 which as mentioned above is capable of behaving just like an app. The day will come when there won't be so many updates to the dashboard and then maybe they could shift their focus. Or maybe we will all just forget about having a ton of individual apps for everything and use web pages since they don't consume processing power all day.


Should not be the questions be more specific?
Should not be the questions something like:

  • What features do I want in an app?
    Does those functions exist already natively without an app? If so can they be incorporated in an app?

  • Are those features if not natively available are they available in the community as an additional community code? If so can we work with the developers in question to bring that feature into the app?

  • Are those features available from an external 3rd party either running on the cloud or through a separate local server? If so can we partner to include such a feature or in alternative is it worth the development hours ?

This is the type of questions I would like all of us to ask ourselves. Not just HE.

An app for me is a would be a nice to have and not a must have.



Presence and Push Notifications being simplified (i.e. integrated into the HE platform without needing third parties) would be probably the biggest immediate benefit for expanding the appeal and simplicity for the less technically minded.

Extra control features after that would be a bonus, but I'm not sweating them really.


Lol actually, no. I don't use any of the cloud features. I have them as shut off as I can and my hub is buried in my network. I barely even use the local dashboards.

With that said, I do still have to use some cloud services, but I'm always looking for local alternatives.


Just being honest here I understand both points of views and i’m Not taking sides here, but Hubitat won’t stay a float if only tinkerers purchase the hub.

My wife loves tech like me but not if it’s going to be a part time job. We already have full time jobs and no one wants to work a ten hour day and come home and have to figure out how to build a dashboard. And just keeping it real I’ve tried the dash board thing and I can’t stand it I need an app plain and simple as it stands now the only way I can control my hub is to use teamviewer log into an always on Mac and use a web browser I’m dealing with it for now but I know small company’s that have 3 employees that have working iOS and android apps for there small businesses.

So I’m in the camp that’s says HE Needs an app sooner then later.


But you recognize that is a CHOICE you made - you have alternatives to that TODAY that are built-in to the system - dashboards. It takes <2 minutes to make a couple dashboards if all you want is a blob of HE devices for remote control.

Even after the app comes, it would still be MUCH more efficient to have a dashboard versus scrolling through the list of Devices, clicking one to go to details, and then manipulating.


It might be nice to know exactly what an app is going to buy us. I seem to recall it being said that the app will NOT allow administration, that always has to be done locally.

Right now I am fine with no app; I use the cloud dashboards I created when I need to view status or control devices.

My wants from an app (which BTW I still hope will be a progressive web app and not native apps) are something that will enclose the dashboards I have created and maybe make them scale better (I would rather not have 2 copies of each dashboard, one for PC and one for phone), more notifications than just 10 per day, and presence.

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I’m not really sure how everyone here’s house hold works but in my household, I was given good advise by my grandfather when I got married he said save the big fights for your most important things meaning in my house everything has to be wife approved, and the dashboard thing has been tried and SHE DOES NOT approve.

I had 2 tablets I was using for control as well as trying to use our cells the dashboards just didn’t work they way she wanted and they were to hard for up keep and she couldn’t control from outside the house and she didn’t like the webpage BS her words not mines. Like I said she loves the fact that everything runs local she hates the cloud as well but as I am asked errrrrrr other day any word on that app yet.

So I have to think of just not myself in my house but the wife and kids and they need an app.


And also the dashboards are god awful ugly.


Perhaps try updating?


Weird. To me they have come a long way since the first release. They still have a few little glitches being worked out but to me there nice .


Like I was saying I can deal with them, but for my wife looks is important. She doesn't like the look and feel I think she keeps going on the web browser part.


As I said above. perhaps you should try updating your hub and check out dashboard 2.0


I went a different route to keep the WAF (wife acceptance factor) high.

Everything in our house is automated by either contact or motion sensors. EVERYTHING. You walk into a room and depending on time of day/mode, the lights come on to predetermined levels. Open a door to the crawlspace or attic, and the lights come on automatically. If the light levels aren't adequate (for guests or it's storming out or whatnot), there's two routes to take; Button remotes in every room OR ask Alexa to raise or lower the lights. My wife actually brags to her friends that she hasn't had to touch a light switch for years now.

Just as an example, I have two motion sensors in my kitchen. Depending on time of day/mode, this is how they get set:

Every room in our house is setup the same way; Living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, guest/kids bedroom, bathroom, my home office, attic, crawlspace and laundry room/carport and all closets. The house is finally to a point where it anticipates what we usually want and just does it. That's always been my goal for home automation. Even for leaving/arriving, the house knows when we leave (life360/router polling) and locks the doors, arms my cameras, turns off any lights (dictated by mode for outside lighting) and reverses that when we arrive. I don't have to touch a thing, use a keypad to arm or disarm, etc. My house does it all for me regardless of connectivity to the outside world.

So, for ME (this is my opinion), an app really isn't going to do anything more than the dashboards do already. For ME, it's just another attack vector into my network. Granted, I've worked at getting to this point for years now and there's been LOTS of trial and error. But, I can safely say that my home automation network is safe.