Android/iOS App Status?


Nothing has changed as for our plans for the mobile app.

It will have access to your dashboards, push notifications and presence / geofencing.


I would like for the app to be a single source of authentication for all the dashboards. You'd open the open, enter credentials or have them saved, then the app opens and you have access to all dashboards. This would keep me from having to pin\password protect all my cloud dashboards.


People nowadays want everything and they want it in tandem.
They want functionality and aesthetic. Not one first and the other after. No they want it simultaneously. It does not make sense for most people (that are not engineers, early adopters, power users...) that design and functionality are not standard in 2019.
Also they want automation, but they also want to have control over things and in particular automation.

I completely understand why your wife does not like the aesthetics and design of the dashboard, its clunky at her eyes, the tiles have not haptic feedback, its visually not appealing.
But let's look to what was the dashboard previous to 2.07 vs what is now and you see that a lot has been done. From an engineer standpoint is a great progress. Even though @patrick says that the first release of the app will be just another way to access the current dashboards I want to believe that further releases of such app will progress into a more aesthetic pleasing app.

Obviously further market research needs to done. Not here on the forums but with Wifes, kids, grandfathers, grand mothers, guests etc.
They will need to validate their own assumptions of what the market want vs what they believe the market should have vs what the early adopters believe it should be.
But they are still large months away from that point, IMO.


This is perfect in my opinion, remote access is easy to do with a VPN if needed and dashboards. Will the geoforcing support multiple locations?


I have to respectfully disagree on that...


Eh, I'd have to agree, I don't care for the dashboards either. They're fine, but I'd like to see them better. Not a big fan of the tiles based system, but for a lack of an alternative, they're ok.


As I mentioned above (third time now!) you should update your hub and try creating a new Dashboard 2.0.


Here's a quick video of how easy it is to build dashboards with the new dashboard.


Sorry Chuck, I didn't mean to come across that I'm complaining and I appreciate all the hard work you all put into them.


I didn't take it as complaining, I just wanted to point out that we have a new Dashboard version out and you should check it out.


I find the v2.0 dashboard template default coloring much prettier than the old ones.


I know, was waiting for things to shake out before upgrading to it.


Can't fault you for that. :slight_smile: I waited until Saturday for the same reason.


And you both missed all the fun.


You can thank Microsuck for the prevalence of tiles...


Funny thing is, I struggle to get my wife to use any app whatsoever. So having things automated to the point where people don't have to think about it too much would be the ideal. I admit that everyone's home situation is different, but I know that I'll be the only one in my house that uses an app / dashboard anyway so everything else better be automated or at least manually usable. :grin:


Everyone always talking about control but with HE we really don't need an app for this currently with the new dashboard. What we do not have is a stock presence and notifications app. While yes you can use texting, this is limited to 10 and there is no control over how you are notifed. In the spirit of being local I prefer to have less third party apps/services when ever possible, so I am looking forward to the app to get off life360.

The new dashboard is a solid upgrade of the old one and a much more pleasant experience to setup. I commend the HE team on this

As for the automation part I take a hand off approach and want my home to just "know" my needs as much as possible. The less I need to manually control the more "automated" it is to me. Of course occasionally I will still need Google here and there for control.


Would be nice to have access to lock code manager in the app when released. Only β€œadmin” app that does have user uses.


Heard there was a few issues with 206 my hub is stable now so I think I'll wait until the links get worked out


Review of hubitat on amazon...

I'm specifically referencing the comment about the lack of an app. I disagree with everything else he said of course! Not sure what he could be talking about being slow or what else could possibly be wrong.