Amazon Echos

I renamed my Echo's in my Amazon account, but it does not reflect the changes in Hubitat, "
Speak this message"

Is there an update function?

You can just go into the device property page and change the label, I believe. I don't think there's any mechanism for updating it automatically once the virtual devices are created.

Ahh, Ok.. In the Echo Speaks APP

The Tonesto App actually reflect the changes..

Odd, I just checked my devices and it shows the old names.. Echo Speaks Device

But when i goto the APP. It shows the correct names.

AThe app is getting a live pick list. But once the devices are created it no longer updates them.

Got it.. I see.. Thanks. That makes alot of sense..

That's not an issue.. The Tonesto App is sweet integration! I don't mind setting it up it again.

Or Maybe this is an opportunity for Tonesto to update the devices in real-time as well. :slight_smile:

It's supposed to update the labels. It does in ST.
With that said i've made changes to try and get it working on Hubitat in v2.3.0

When is Hubitat v2.3.0 available ?

Just now


That worked... I uninstalled the app and did a fresh install. I then went into my rules and the renamed echos were there! :slight_smile: Great Job!

Just an FYI for the future you should never need to do a fresh install unless it's suggested :slight_smile:

You are correct.. Will remember if there is a next time...

Excuse me... I should have said... I installed the update first with current settings and i did not see the re-named echos... So i did a fresh installed and it showed up immediately..

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