Am I the only one who can't get dashboards to work properly?

All zwave devices have firmware, otherwise they couldn't work. Usually it is shown here (this isn't the same switch):

OR by temporarily changing the driver to Device, save. Open logs in a new tab. Back on the device's setting page, click "Get Info" button. The output is displayed in the logs.

Either way, if you search you will see LOTS of complaints about the Leviton, and a firmware update fixes them from what most people seem to be saying. I am not sure what the latest firmware is, but I would call Leviton once you have the old firmware version, and see if there is an update.

The other thing I saw in a few threads by searching was a possible driver issue. You might try one of the other Zwave switch drivers, maybe the Zwave CentralScene Switch driver would work better? There is also at least one community driver floating around here that might help, but I am not familiar enough with these to know if one of these drivers might work better than another.

This is what I found. I don't think this is what you are looking for:

Nope, that isn't showing the firmware. Try the other way with changing the driver to "Device".

I changed the device type to "Device," saved, open the logs in a separate page, went back to the device settings and clicked "get info." This is what I got under logs:

I'm completely unfamiliar with the process of updating firmware on my Leviton devices, of which I have at least 4 different kinds. In my naivete I guess I assumed that the smart hub would tell me what to do when I needed to do it.

Hmm, that isn't showing firmware version either. Weird. But moving on for the moment I guess.

There are two parts to this. You need a firmware file. That usually comes from the manufacturer, but you can sometimes find it online with some careful searching.

Then you need a firmware updater. The C7 has one built in, or there is a community based app for older hubs.

The process in theory is fairly straightforward, you fire up the app, tell it where to apply the firmware update, and that is that.

This isn't an automated process, I susptect most people would not want this happening automatically. Normally this device update is a rare thing to do. You might do just one update on a device, if you even ever have to do this.

So did you try another driver and see if that made any difference here? That is the easiest and quickest thing to try and see if you note any improvement.

So I did some research regarding the firmware updating thing. It looks like I would have to buy a USB Z-wave stick, which usually runs around $50, install some compatible Mac Software, exclude the devices I want to update (I have lots), update the firmware and then pair with Hubitat.

This would be extremely inconvenient.

Regarding the other option - trying another driver, I don't see an obvious choice. Currently the Leviton switches are using "Generic Z-wave switch." Are there any other specific suggests to try for the Leviton Z-wave switches? I saw a few Leviton drivers but none of them seemed to be for this switch.

Nope, did you see above that I said that C7 has this built in, and for C5 and older there is a community app. No need for other hardware, you just need the firmware file.

I also listed the other driver that I would try above. The Centralscene switch driver.

Oh, sorry if I missed that. I have the C5. How do I get this community App? Also, I'll try the driver you mentioned and get back to you. If the driver thing doesn't work I'll try the firmware update via the COmmunity App. BTW, I really don't know anything about downloading/working community apps. But... I'm learning!

You still need the firmware itself. Did you find that anywhere, or did you ask Leviton for this file?

Edit: see below.



Read this linked thread very thoroughly, a couple times if needed until you understand what to do. There are two versions of this app, so please read through understand which you need. It isn't hard to do this, but there are very particular steps to follow.

Far as installing apps/drivers, it is very easy, it is basically pointing the hub to a Github folder, and it imports the code for you. You then just save what it imports. Drivers Code - Hubitat Documentation

So I tried the "Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Switch" under "Type" and then saved it. Basically, I get the same problems - incorrect status report, button hanging when commands are given, but commands still usually go through.

It looks like a firmware update is all I have left to try. Before I do this, I am wondering... some users suggested I get an additional hub to shoulder the burden of the many devices I have. Since I have a C5 and the newer C7 hub apparently has this firmware updating process built it, would it make more sense for me to just buy a new hub and try the firmware update that way? Or.... are we sure that one hub handling 50-60 devices is reasonable?

Oddly enough, I had search my order history on Amazon to find the Hubitat Elevation. That history indicates that the hub I ordered on May of 2020 Is the C-7... (and is not available, ugh!), but under Settings/Hub Details/Hardware Version it definitely says "Rev C-5"

If it says "Rev C-5" in Settings, then I have the C-5, right? I'm just doubtful because the Amazon page says I got the C-7.


I have seen where products were updated and the listing reused and it looks like you purchased a different product. If you go to your orders, and pull up the invoice it will show what you actually purchased.

But either way, if it says C5 in the details, there is no way it is a C7.

One hub should be able to have much more than that. I have over 50 Zwave devices alone, plus about that many Zigbee, and then the Lutron stuff and whatever else. I think I was getting close to 250 devices (including virtual ones) the last time I counted.

If you want the C7, then go for it. But the only difference between the C5 and C7 is the Zwave side of things, otherwise, the hardware and software are identical. You might be able to use a couple of the tools in the Zwave settings to do some diagnosis, but I am not sure that will solve this issue.

Try one more. Use the "Generic Zwave Switch" driver and see if that is any different.

Looks like that didn't work either, unfortunately.

I'm not sure if this helps, but I was able to (sort of) reproduce the problem with one of the Philips Light strips in the same room by repeatedly turning on/off the device. Eventually the hang occurred.... except that, the hang was temporary and the command ultimately went through. So I think I can say that the Philips devices don't seem to have this issue as often or as badly as the Leviton devices.

Could this be Wi-Fi issue? The iPad has to send a signal through Wi-Fi to the Hub, right? Except that it mostly is a problem with the Leviton devices so... I guess maybe it is a Leviton specific issue.

I just realized I had not answered this question. I think, yes, I'm using the local URL, which is in my case. Am I not supposed to do that?

Clicking the green check mark does refresh the screen but the buttons still hang. And that happens even when I use Chrome.

I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but in the App on my iPad, on the dashboard screen, there are two icons in the top right corner whose significance I don't understand. One looks like a square target reticle and tapping on that opens the same Dashboard on The other one, oddly enough, looks like a cloud, and when I tap on it, the cloud is replaced with a home icon and a plus sign. Tapping on the plus sign allows me to add a dashboard while tapping on the home icon gives me back the cloud icon.

Does it matter whether I operate my dashboards through the local URL or the I seem to be having the same problem either way....

Neon, I have one other it of information to add for troubleshooting this. When I go to the device details page in the Hubitat interface and select the exact same device, I notice that the commands do through more easily, but it's not showing the correct device status. For example, the lights were on when it read as follows:

So it seems that the send command hangs in dashboard only, while the command still goes through in Dashboard and Device details page, but the correct device status is not being shown either in Dashboard or in Device details page.

So.... that points to a firmware issue then? Since Generic Z-Wave Switch and Central Scene Generic Z-wave Switch did not work under "type:"

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