Almond routers to update the firmware on Securifi Peanut plugs

Writing one myself related to my SecurifiSensors driver, but with electrical parts and such I am learning from elsewhere. Not a huge fan of trying to convert SmartThings drivers but some are useful for reference. I have not checked for one on Peanut Plugs though. I did download one a while back listed here fir Hubitat but was not thrilled with it. So I switched to the generic and figured I would write my own.

Working on a bunch of drivers though, so I have not yet finished that one enough for a project page like some of my other ones.

100-125V at 15A
Incandescent load: 1200W
Resistive Load: 1920W
Motor Load: 1 HP

They would handle my washer and dryer just fine. But you can see if the specs match your washer and dryer. Here's where I got the specs from.

I'm curious - do you have the conductors in the power cord separated, so the clamp is only on the hot and not also the neutral?

Or, is that not necessary?


As @ogiewon suggested, you could consider using heavy duty appliance modules. I've heard of others using the Zooz ZEN15, which is indicated to be built to handle large inrush current from motor startup.

Unfortunately, the specs don't indicate motor load size limitation.

Yes, they have to be separated.

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My experience with the Zen15 would indicate it doesn't like Sump pumps... It seems to not be capable of passing the large inrush current as the pump simply doesn't operate when connected to it.


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I have no experience with it, but I think that for large motors, @ogiewon's suggestion of using CTs is the best way to go. If the SmartThings outlets that I use to monitor my washer/dryer die, I'll bite the bullet and get an Aeotec HEM as recommended.

Is this the correct Almond that is needed to flash the plugs?

I do not think it would. This does not read to be an Almond 2015 but rather the ORIGINAL Almond. That one did not have ZigBee. The PICTURE is for an Almond 2015, but appears to be a mistake (they pulled the picture from Amazon). The model number the list (one of the few details) corresponds to the original Almond on Amazon's website. That has the incorrect image on it as well but the Almond 2015 is a different item.

As a note, you could use an Almond 2015, Almond+, Almond 3, or Almond 3S for this.

Just to confirm, I just used my "vintage" Almond+ to flash the firmware on one of my Securifi Peanuts. Prior to the flash, it didn't report any "Power" except 0. After the flash, it does report Watts.

I did notice an oddity with Power reporting though. If the power transitions from more->less or less->more, as in the device increases/reduces demand, the Peanut will report say 44 watts, then 2438.9 watts, and then to the final state, say 120 Watts. In this case, it's ramping up. Ramping down, you get the same or a similar ridiculous number (2571.9 or 2572.6) before it settles on a value.

I'm using the Generic Zigbee Switch driver. Still messing around though...


Followup: Just switched to the Ported ST driver adapted by @jim1 (GitHub - jimcghee/Hubitat-PeanutPlug: Securifi Peanut Plug originally by for SmartThings converted for Hubitat by JIMcGhee) and it reports power better than the Generic Zigbee Switch driver. So far so good.

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I have 3 of the Zen15's connected to window AC units and they work great for me. AC units are two 10k BTU units and one 15.5k BTU unit.

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@snell is right - the image and part number don't match up. The part number is for the original Almond that doesn't have a zigbee radio.

Edit - if anyone wants, I'm happy to flash Peanut plugs and ship them. Just PM me and include a prepaid UPS label.

Like @aaiyar, I can flash Plugs for people for free (if you provide return shipping), I have offered in another thread. But if you are getting a few (and at $15 even before a sale) the shipping might not be worth it compared to just finding an Almond 2015 or higher.

This is my thought exactly.

I canโ€™t see a reason to have these flashed for me at all, unless I use them for my washer and dryer.

Makes sense to me. Maybe you could put your washer and dryer on them for a month. If they're still functional, one of us could flash them for you?

When I wanted washer/dryer monitoring, @jim1's ported Peanut driver wasn't available, so I used SmartThings outlets instead.

Iโ€™m in Canada. Donโ€™t see this being practical.

That's really strange. We've tested it successfully with pumps and heard good feedback from many customers using the device with sump pumps, it's actually one of the most popular applications for the device. Maybe there was something specific to the set-up that prevented it from working correctly since it was designed to work with motor loads such as sump pumps.

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Im using some B-Dry 1/2 HP Sump pumps. They have a weird double plug by which the float interrupts the circuit for off and closes the circuit for on. In any case, I had it connected to a ZEN-15 for a while, and it never pumped. Plugged it straight into the wall, and all was well. The 15 works well with my dehumidifier and Freezer, but didn't like my sump.

I'll pick up another Zen-15 and try it again, as I really want to monitor the use and power use of these pumps.


That may be the key here. If you can send the specs for these pumps to our support team for review, that will help us determine if the ZEN15 is good for this particular pump type. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Will do. Dug them up today.


p.s. Sent.