Alfred lock RM issue

Hello everyone,

I had a Kwikset lock on my front door and this RM was set up as that worked.

Trigger events: Front door unlock:
Actions to run: If the time between x and z and the front door unlocks, then turn on the lights.

Now I have an Alfred door lock, so unlike the Kwikset, I have to unlock it from the inside vs just turning the doorknob and walking out with it still being technically locked, but with the Alfred, I have to unlock it from the inside to get out and it's causing the lights to come on using the same rule as stated above. So I've been playing around with my RM but after several different combinations I just can't seem to get it.

What I want to see happen is,

Event: when door unlocks with code
Action: if time is between X and Y then turn on lights.


Event: when door unlocks
action: if time is between X and Y and front door lock code, user1, user2 etc and front door unlocks, turn on light

I know i'm missing something or adding something I don't need but after trying several different ways I thought the rule should be written, i'm at a lost


I do have an Alfred DB2-B. I moved from a Schlage a couple months ago.

Your first rule looks promising. If you trigger from a lock code detected and that the only way that your rm can trigger then you don’t need to retest for it in your IF statement.

Also, when the lock code detected triggers your front door may not be actually opened yet. It would be better to trigger off the contact sensor. The bad thing about doing that is that the last lock code detected does not get automatic cleared so it will always have one of your values.

I would keep your lock code detected trigger than have a wait for condition of the sensor being open. I would not use a wait for event because the lock code detected could be a little bit delayed and may come after your door being opened.

I've done some more updating and I'm at a loss and frustrated, can ANYONE help me figure this out, I'm hoping more of you guys can reply so I don't have to waste my time emailing support just for them to point me back to the forum.

With my Kwikset, this was my rule and it worked like a charm because unlike the Alfred lock, I didn't have to unlock it when leaving out the house.


The criteria are being met so I don't understand why it's not working

I removed everyone and left myself, thinking I needed to create a rule for each user, but this failed also

Here's 1 of the logs and I don't know what "strike" means or why it's marked as skipped since the point of the rule was to turn on the lights

Side note, I also notice my notifications aren't working anymore and they were when I had my Kwikset lock.

My HE is on the latest C-5

I’m no RM whiz but I do have an Alfred lock so your post caught my eye. Have you tried using the contact sensor as the trigger? I’m not able to test it out right now but visually it would look something like this:

TRIGGER: contact reports open

IF last event device is lock code AND time of day is between 1p-5a
Light on
Light Off - delayed 2 min


That rule will just cause the lights to come on every time the door is open, so if i'm going out, it will still turn on, but I think the issue is coming from the Lock code manager, there's no logs, events or anything showing up in mine and I have 3 door locks linked to it, there should be some type of data.

I knew your rule would cause that effect but I tried it anyway and confirmed it did just that, but I only want the lights to come on once I'm coming in and not when I'm leaving out

I just looked at my logs and see now that the Alfred Lock doesn’t note who or how the door was unlocked. I’m stumped then short of using a motion sensor on the keypad side of the door to validate it’s opening from the outside.

I thought of that also, to put a sensor on my screen door so when I open the screen door and door unlocks and door sensor open to turn on the lights, but the same will happen from the inside since I don't think there's a way to say it has to be in that order and if not in that order, don't turn on the lights.

I notice alfred shows unlocked "physical" and I'm wondering why it shows that when it's auto lock after 30 sec, I can understand physical lock sometimes if someone didn't wait the 30 sec and just locked it behind them.

If you have a contact sensor on the screen door that will work. Just tried it out and it worked for me.

TRIGGER: Door is unlocked
ACTIONS If screen door sensor is open then turn on lamp
Turn off lamp delayed 2 min
End if

Thanks for testing, but it will turn on when leaving out as well. Once I unlock the Alfred from the inside and open and then the screen door, that rule will be triggered as I'm leaving out. If there was a way to say it has to be in a 1,2,3 order then it would work perfectly.

I disagree. I have the DB2-2 and this rule operates fine.

When my wife enters using her lock code it triggers the next RM

That next rule down the line applies a time restriction.

Also I set a VS indicating a lock code has been detected that triggers other RMs and gets cleared by then.

This turns on my outside lights when the mode is not day by incrementing my welcome.lights time to 15

And the following says welcomes my wife home only when she comes home from work.


I didn't want to post this to sound stupid, but where and how did you add "set detected" or set door trigger, I've been searching each action and I see nothing to add "set detected or set door trigger. This is my 1st time seeing that

Can you share the steps to set this up.


No I should have given more details.

Detected.lock.code is a RM global variable set up as a String.

And then I Set the variable like this

Then that variable can be referenced in any other RM by using %Detected.lock.code%

Thank you, your setup is pretty complex, and I appreciate your help, but I was looking for more details in the steps and why you would say Detected.lock.code, as in what's the reason, could it have been called anything or you had to list it like that. If there's a place here where you learned how to do this, I don't mind reading the thread to learn. I would just like to know the reason why I'm doing something in RM so if I run into something similar in the future or someone with the same issue, I could explain the setup.

I also wonder if the issue is with the lock or HE because what HE is reporting back with my Alfred lock. for example, this is what I see in the log for the lock,

If you went into the events of your lock, do you see this even when you unlock via the code? I'm not sure if it should say physically unlocked when it's unlocked via a code, but can you confirm if yours say the same?

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The variable name can be anything. It is not a predefined name that you have to use or anything.

I believe it just lists physical in my logs but good question. I will try to check later this evening.

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Sorry didn’t get to this until now.

So it logs “Steve[physical]”

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Thanks for checking at least now I know that's reporting as it should.

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Thank you guys so much for the post on FB about the ticket issue. I submitted this issue via a ticket since those who tried to help me here and on FB had no answers to the Lock code issue.

Someone here tried to help me as well. the ticket I submitted was on 1/16. I checked my spam but no one replied back.

Tagging @bobbyD

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@support @bobbyD

Anyone has any thoughts or even looked at this yet?