Alexa Not Finding Your Devices?

I also use an eero system. Initially, I could only get my devices to be discovered by opening the Alexa app and manually discovering scenes. This would force a full device and scene discovery.

Today I decided to find my master Echo like @Patrick suggested earlier in this thread. Well guess what. I asked my kitchen echo to discover my devices and it worked.

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I am pretty sure its once a week. Not sure when specifically though.

Would unplugging all echos and leaving just one plugged in force that one to become the master?

I honestly don’t know. I just tested in each room till it worked.

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Couple of suggestions from around the web. The first one is likely Hue specific and shouldn’t be a factor, but I checked and do indeed have the Hue Skill enabled in my account :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Some suggestions from the Hue developers forum


This next is interesting, but it’s for @patrick and staff, because we cannot change this if it needs changing. It suggests a specific Emulate Hue Hub version

Lastly, this is also for the Hubitat devs, but it appears to only apply to skill development and it probably doesn’t apply at all in this case, but it’s worth pointing to. Apparently the lambda function must be created in US East (N. Virginia) for US English skills, not US West, which it turns out is for Japanese and Australian English. Who knew!


I had Alexa detect Hue bulbs (success) and then rebooted the hub... that got it going!


Excellent! So you had to install the Hue Skill? Please share the specific steps you used for the others that are having this issue. Maybe they’ll have success too?

Fail (again). True to add more devices to Alexa and can’t get Alexa to detect… time for a hubitat skill?

Have you reached out to eero yet? Their tech support might help you track down your problem. I had my eeros connected to a tplink switch that they helped me determine was the problem with another issue.

My Samsung tv could not detect my Samsung WiFi speakers but only when the tv was wired. Would never have figured that out without eero support. Actually was passed up to Samsung who fixed it with a firmware patch.

My point is Eero…or any mesh for that matter, can be tricky buggers to troubleshoot. Can’t hurt to reach out.

If you have any fancy routers or switches, turn off “spanning tree”. That will help with discovery.

Rats! You’re previous trick isn’t working now? Never did hear the details of what you did last time to solve the issue. What was it?

You’ve installed the Hue skill correct? If so, tried removing the skill and then reinstalling it? For whatever reason, that is necessary every so often with the Insteon Alexa skill to get things working again.

One request for those having issues. Please try this. Log out of your Alexa app on your mobile phone and then log back in and then try discover devices from that phone / app.

Also, please let me know if you have the original v1 Alexa devices, or any v2 or any Sonos One with Alexa (or any 3rd party with Alexa integrated)


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This worked for me, thanks!

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I'm having the exact same problems as many in this thread. I have a much simpler setup than most, so perhaps my spartan setup can be useful for troubleshooting. I've got a Netgear router and a single Alexa Echo. I've followed the various suggestions of resetting the Echo, forgetting all devices on both the Alexa app and from the computer. I've rebooted the HE several times, I've asked the Alexa to discover devices via voice, iPhone app and computer. I've forgotten all of the devices from the computer connection. Nothing. I've only transferred 2 zigbee lights over to HE thus far, one osram flex strip and one sengled bulb. Both were reset to factory to allow discovery, both are seen and responsive to commands via the HE GUI. I'd really like to get Alexa to see those two devices, having to operate them via the GUI or actually get up and unplug or flip the switch is just gross. Who does that.

Any thoughts on what I can try next? I'm pretty tech savvy and don't mind breaking things, my venture into home automation is just beginning and there is nobody here to yell at me for breaking the house.


Since you haven't mentioned it already... Have you added the Hubitat "Amazon Echo App" to your list of active Hubitat Apps yet? Once you add that app, you must then configure it to expose the switches and dimmers you want Alexa to be able to discover.

You have probably already done this, but I thought it worthwhile to make sure...

Also, don't forget you can use the Hubitat "Dashboard" app to provide another, simple method to perform remote control of devices as well.

Yep, I have installed the Alexa app and added the devices to it.

No release date, but the hub firmware will be updated soon to support the Hubitat Alexa Skill that is already available, but needs the hub update to make it functional. That should resolve these issues for those that are having them.


Add another to the list having issues with Alexa. Running Google mesh WiFi and V1 Echo