Alexa Echo Skill - problem with Somfy Shades

I am using the Somfy ZRTSI package for my Somfy shades.
I also added them to Alexa skill and I can control them.
However, most of the time (more than 50%) even though the shade gets the command, I get a "I'm not quite sure what went wrong" message from Alexa after my command.

Nothing is reported in the logs.

I tried setting on/off following Alexa Skill setting. But nothing has changed:

"respond immediately without waiting for device"

I don't have such Alexa issue with other devices. But this device is also a very simple zwave device.
FOr example, the off() command is like:

void off() {
	logDebug "off()"	
	sendToDevice(zwave.basicV1.basicSet(value: 0x00))
	runIn(travelDuration, 'sendEvents', [data: [level:0]]);
private void sendOpeningClosingEvent(level) {
	if (level == 0) { 
		sendEvent(name: "windowShade", value: "closing") 
	else { 
		sendEvent(name: "windowShade", value: "opening")

in fact, I have same issue with one of my own device drivers. But it is a port from ST to HE and it has some issues. So I can't say that the problem is occuring on other devices.
But if I can understand the root cause for this Alexa response, maybe I can solve the problem with my driver as well.

I experience the same with IKEA shades. It seems to be similar to the issue with fans (see - GE Smart Fan Control and Alexa - Support - Hubitat). Perhaps similar in that the level can be stated as a number (e.g. 75%) or words (e.g. "raise" or "medium").

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thanks for your response.
I'm not sure that it is the same issue.
because my problem occurs without any numeric setting
I say "turn on" , "turn off" , "open" , "close"
these get the bad response.

is there a solution ?
I really did not understand the root cause.

is it a problem with the ALexa Skill smart app ?
or is it a problem with the device driver ?

Well, like the lady said, I'm not quite sure what went wrong.

Where this has been discussed relative to fans, there is intermixed the same behaviour in shades.



well this seems to be a problem since Aug 2020.
It's quite a time. I'm surprised that nobody has come up with a solution.

I see the same thing with virtual shades. If I say open or close the virtual shade it has no issue. If I say raise lower or set at a percentage I get the I’m not sure what went wrong. It sets the shade correctly but it always gives the message.

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the same has happened for any type of dimmer as well. it will complete the action, but respond back with m not sure what went wrong"

P.S. a bond bridge is cheaper and can operate somfy shades. it can also be integrated into HE with an app

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thanks for this info. I didn't know that...
but in any case, I have a working ZRTSI zwave device and it is communicating good with the Hubitat zwave.
This is just a software problem with Hubitat's Alexa skill (or the SOmfy driver ?)
if that's the case, we eventually need a fix, because it seems this affects all level type devices.

how can we get attention of Alexa skill developer ?

I have the same issue with curtains using the Qubino module and HE driver. I'm guessing (for me at least) it's because the position isn't reported until the motor stops at it's intended position whether that be 50% or fully open/closed. The time that it takes for the motor takes to move the curtain/shade to it's position could be anywhere between 3 and 12 seconds so there would be no confirmation until then.

Somfy motors do not ever report confirmation or position. It’s just “send command and hope for the best.”

yes , that's true.
But the Alexa skill should handle this. It should provide a "complete" message to Alexa backend.
At least Smartthings Alexa skill does so.

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in addition to this problem, using the ALexa skill I have an issue with my Thermostat device.
I am using the built-in "Generic Z-wave Plus Thermostat" device.
Alexa does not show the temperature , it shows "0"
But it can correctly set level of the thermostat.

is this a known issue ?
what may be wrong with my setup ?

I'm having same problem with Somfy Zrtsi unit when commanded via Alexa - it opens or closes the shade properly, but Alexa reports an error. When I command via the hubitat app, it works just fine