I’m not sure if I’m 100% following you, but does Hubitat safety monitor’s “arming delay” option work for your use case? It’s in the “configure arming/disarming/cancel options” sub-menu.

If you’re having trouble configuring it correctly, posting a screenshot of your HSM settings page can help. There’s also the relevant hub documentation page if you haven’t read it yet.

I second the recommendation for nyckelharpa. It adds the features missing in HSM.

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Yes, there is. The problem is, I can't have my door open when I have to scar my alarm. Then it has to be closed, and then I can scar it. Can you make a detour to that?

The Nyckelharpa app allows contact sensors to be open when arming.

  • On the initial arming attempt it first gives a warning message with the open contacts
  • then if a rearming attempt occurs within a user defined time period in seconds, the system begins the HSM arming process
  • then HSM arms with the open contact(s).

I could read myself to that. But I can't get it to scar HSM with the door open.
I've attached my setup in pictures

It's setup backwards. NYKL sensors go into HSM, Real sensors go into Nyckelharpa.



If you have anything configured under "Configure Alerts for Arming Failures (contacts open)" in the Configure Arming/Disarming/Canel Options section HSM won't arm if one of the sensors is open, once that has been removed then open sensors will just be ignored and the system will arm. Once the open sensor is closed HSM should start monitoring that sensor again.

Okay, so what you're saying is that if it's my front door that needs to be delayed, it's the only one that needs to be turned on in HSM? The rest of the sensors must be active in Nyckelharpa?

To be perfectly clear. It's my 'Dør gang

', I walk out of, and must have delayed for 30 sec. The rest of my contacts just have to function normally. What should my set up look like? Every time I sound my alarm, I'm going to get a message to 'arming is cancel' Dør' is open'.

As documented, only doors used for access and egress, or windows allowed to be open during arming should be specified in Nyckelharpa.

In your case it's only 'Dør gang'. So HSM usage of 'Dør gang' should be replaced with NCKL-Dør gang, as shown in my prior message, when it's allowed to be open for the respective arming state. Then the original sensor name is used in Nyckelharpa.

When the door is closed, no messages. When open, arming is canceled and a message is sent on first try, second try within time frame sends message and arms. Messages are optional.

Sorry I'm a little slow

Does that mean That I have to, if the door is open, set the alarm twice in a row for it to arm, or can I make it arm at the first attempt when the door is open?

Set the alarm twice in a row for it to arm, within the designated user set time frame.

It's weird I can't get around that rule. It is difficult to print the code twice in a row.

Try turning off the arming failure alerts to see if it reacts how you want.

The "Number of seconds allowed for Forced Arming window" can be set as high as 40, more if the code is modified.

When this is set, HSM silently arms with any open sensor.

I think it solved the problem! Thank you so much for your help.

I just see a problem if my wife has to print the code twice every time she has to put the alarm on in the morning.

Your system, your call on how it works.

Using hardware or software keypads, my system arms without a pin, disarm requires a pin.

Of course, you have a point that there doesn't have to be code on to arm the alarm.

Thank you very much for your help, and not least your patience!

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