Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Damnit. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.


Try chime number 28, very subtle. And with the very wide volume settings for chime, many sounds are potential candidates


You can also have it not play the whole sound, thus truncating it. Might be some possibilities there for a short chime, too. I just haven't had time to try it.

Out of the box, though, I wasn't 100% happy with any of the 30 chimes for a door open alert.


There are several sounds that play a few beeps if you set the intercept duration to 1 second.




Haven't pickup up a Siren/Doorbell 6 yet, but I hope they don't exhibit the stuttering/stammering behavior of the Gen 5s that I've grown to love :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How are you guys liking the siren?

Any problems with it?


Got mine today. It is excellent! Smaller than I imagined but a mighty sound. Good range of interesting sounds too. I'm happy with it and it shipped from the US to Asia in half the time I was expecting (10 days). Recommended!


Is there any good sounds on there to use strictly as door chimes? Something simliar to AT&T chimes when opening doors?


Yes, the chimes are very nice. Volume can be set to very very loud if you like. I'm impressed with the quality of the samples. The decay on the Westminster chimes is very nice indeed!


Pretty decent. I would recommend the doorbell over the siren. The cost difference is small.


Is there any way to set the volume? It's possible from the device page but I don't see it as an option in RM?
Thank you.


As I don't have one of these yet, would you be able to send a custom command or action to set the volume to the device? If the set volume method already exists in the driver, then I would think it would be exposed in Custom Command or Custom Action methods of RM.


I think you might have to create custom commands for the volume adjustments and then call them from RM.


You can do it with a custom action... Actuator is the 'catch all' capability, so select it and all commands will be shown as an option.


Thank you guys. Much appreciated.
I will try this.


Works great. Thanks.

The only thing I notice is it's not possible to edit the parameter of a custom action when editing the action. Everything else you can edit about the action but not the parameter value. It displays as text rather than in a number/text input box.


I didn't try this, but can you use a global variable for the value?

Edit: just checked, and no you can't use a global variable with a custom action parameter.

Edit 2: Apparently you can use a global variable... Just wrap it in % - %global_var_name%


I got the volume to work, but I can't change the tone?

Edit: I mean with the actuator in RM 4.0


Do you mean change the tone that is used by the siren? You can't change that through rules with the native driver. That has to be set through preferences.