Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here



So no way to change the tone automatically... Ok.


Not with the native driver, no.


Is there a non-native driver that allows it?


Not that I know of. Someone would have to write one.


Ok, thanks.


I would like to be able to change the tone of the Aeotec Siren 6 via parameter.

Is that something that can be added to the driver that we do have? It's pretty inconvenient/expensive to have one device for each tone you want to play. For example, I would like to play a tornado siren for tornado, and fire for fire... you get the picture.

Edit: Might was well get a definitive answer @mike.maxwell


the chime component child device supports the chime capability, where you can use a custom command playSound(soundnumber) , sounds are enumerated in the soundEffects attribute


That works... Only issue is the lack of infinite repeat.



Can you not use Repeat in your rule?


Sorry, I was using the preference before. I haven't used all of the RM features. I believe I have enough tools to complete my project now. Thanks!


Since the device supports so many sounds, it would be nice if the driver supported playing different sounds for different types of alarms. That should be possible as there is a driver for other devices which saves preferences to attributes saved to the device.

If I had a driver to work with I could try to incorporate those changes into the device but I don't have the time to start from scratch on a completely brand new driver.

For example, if the driver had a custom command for "fireAlarm", you could first set the parameter to the fire alarm tone (via zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet) and then issue the siren command. This could be done for any number of different conditions you wanted to siren for. Then you would just have to issue the custom command to the device. However, I have no idea where you would start by writing the entirety of the driver so I'm not even going to start down that road.


This is what it looks like now. VSwitch is activated via a remote hub. It's a supplemental alarm system.

It's working nicely.


You have an Else if within the repeat but the if is outside of the repeat? How does that work? Also, it looks like you are just playing the chime on the siren device.

Also, you have listed here "Guys Dorm Siren 1" this for some type of multi-person housing? Are you located in the US or Western Europe? I would be very, VERY careful about using HE as an announcement system for fire alarms. There are very, VERY strict fire codes in the US and western Europe (and probably most places) for what type of system has to be in place with what kind of backup for anywhere that people reside outside of an immediate family. So, just be very careful that you're not getting yourself in trouble by using Hubitat to fulfill that function.


Like I said, supplemental.
The if is for a "changed" state.


But you don't need that, you have that as the trigger. The if should be if the switch is On. The changed is superfluous.


We have multiple buildings. All have fire systems and alarms that ring and call the fire department with redundant communications. This is a "Call for help" from one building to another. Like a phone call.


You are probably right. I'll look at it again.


I have no idea where you reside or what the codes/laws are. All I'm saying is that if you have "extra" systems in place and those systems fail in many places you are just as liable as if you had no ystem at all.


We have all the required systems in place. This is extra above and beyond what is expected. Most places don't have (Edit: OFF DUTY) staff that can respond from on site. We don't need to but we do.

That being said, failure of this system would have minimal effect and I have two-way verification in place to notify the operator if communication failed.


Like I said, not sure where you are located....but all of that is not certified by anyone other than you. You can have anything you want in place, but with out certification for that system, it doesn't mean anything in a US court of law or to a building inspector. Fire alert systems have to be certified based on failure rate and redundancy. And HE is not a certified fire alarm system.