Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


I agree. But they work fine once mounted to a solid surface.


Good point. I've only used the GEN 5 to play announcements so the whole time I was messing with the button while writing the handlers it wasn't mounted and it was driving me nuts.

If I remember correctly, some users had communication problems with the GEN5 and metal siding or something, but only time will tell if this one has the same problem.


Regarding the 3 buttons that can be paired, they must be special buttons from Aeotec or can be any buttons? I'm assuming it's possible to control the device to ring doorbell sounds using Hubitat and any buttons right? Maybe stupidly I bought the siren version without the button... But still think to use it as a door bell/notifier but with motion or another button etc.


I'm pretty sure they have to be Aeotec buttons.


They run on something other than z-wave to communicate with the doorbell.


Woops. Maybe I can pick one up later separately. But surely it is possible to activate the door bell sound(s) with a command? Not just the siren sounds?


If you join the Doorbell, it creates a main device that supports the Chime capability and the Tone capability. The settings allow you to specify a default sound, volume, light effect, repeat, repeat delay, and intercept. Rule machine supports that capability and allows you to play sounds on the fly by specifying the sound number.

It creates a child device for a siren that supports the alarm capability and has the same settings as the chime. It also creates a child button device for each paired button and each of those devices also have those settings.

if you pair the Siren it creates a main device that supports the Alarm capability and a chime device that supports the Chime and Tone capabilities. Both of those also have their own sound and light settings.

If you purchase the siren and want to be able to configure the button you'll need to switch to the Doorbell handler.


If I understand correctly then it sounds like I will be able to achieve what I want - a siren and a chime, activated any way I like from Hubitat, using other triggers/devices. Woop woop!


Yes, that totally works.

But I suspect that the Aeotec doorbell button will be cheaper than a zwave or zigbee switch.


Yeah, but I'm think I'm just gonna use one of my super cheap Iris v2 motion detectors up in the corner by the front door... :wink:


Yes, whether you buy the Aeotec Siren 6 or the Aeotec Doorbell 6, you'll end up with both a Siren device and a Chime device in Hubitat.

If you later decide to add a button to the Aeotec Siren 6 you'll need to switch to the Doorbell driver, but that may result in an orphaned Chime child device that doesn't actually do anything...


Sounds good! Like a beautiful chime :smile:
Will have a play once I get it (will take a month to arrive so plenty of time for you guys to work the kinks out ha ha ha).... :smile:


Is the button available separately yet? I know that they say it supports up to 3 buttons but i can't seem to find them anywhere.


I paid 59 on eBay for siren only. In retrospect I should have got the doorbell for another 10 bucks, although I have plenty of button devices. I think I'm going to put a xiaomi cube on the front porch, with a secret sequence of moves to ring the doorbell, and if you get the sequence wrong it energizes a relay which opens the trap door to the moat.:joy:


Iā€™m going to buy this in the next couple weeks.

I want chimes to trigger on opening and closing exterior doors in the house.

I assume the chime volume can be adjusted ?


Yes from 10 to 100%. This is the most versatile siren/doorbell ever


Can any of you post a quick YouTube video of all the chime and siren sounds ?


No. There's 30 chimes. I'm not that bored. :wink::wink::wink:

(Oh, and I'm out of town for work. Lol)


I wish I had the time, however each sound is clearly labeled in the driver and the descriptions are pretty good, although not sure I've ever heard the " archangel" sound before. And what is a klaxon?


I was disappointed that there wasn't a simple beep-beep like a lot of alarms do when a door is opened.