Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


That links to version 2 of the engineering spec but my link was for version 8 of the same doc. Yours is dated 2018-10-29 but mine is dated 2018-11-14. So, i think you might be right about the manual but I believe the version i linked to of the engineering spec is more recent than the one linked to on the aoetec website.


The latest manuals are dated 2019-03-01.

The ones you posted are more recent than the ones currently posted on Aeotec's website, but Aeotec explicitly told me last week that they'd be updating those links so in theory, that's the first place the new version of those manuals will be available.


Is dated 2018-11-14 and is version 8. It is the one that was submitted to the Z-wave alliance. So i think that one is more up to date than the one published that you linked to which is version 2. But hey, who am i to judge the change history on two documents. LMAO. If you actually looked at them rather than just assume I was wrong, you'd see what I was talking about.

And why would you assume that their website would be more updated than the z-wave alliance? They are still letting people subscribe to get updates on the launch of the damn thing.


We all know ....this is never a possibility


Z-wave alliance:

Aeotec website:

Which do you think is newer? This isn't a subjective thing. One is dated before the other. LMAO. You people really amaze me sometimes.


My last post said that you were correct "The ones you posted are more recent than the ones currently posted on Aeotec's website", but even though yours is newer, it's not the latest version and all of the information in it is wrong.

I got the latest version of these manuals directly from Aeotec a couple of weeks ago because none of the manuals posted online work with the latest version of these devices.

Because Aeotec told me they were going to update their website and I've also written handlers for over 60 devices and z-wave alliance frequently has old manuals...


Doorbell 6 was installed - works great. It shows up as "Aeotec Doorbell 6" with two components - the Button and the Siren.

Automations work great - I've got notifications being sent to Pushover and my office Echo Dot when I'm at work.


Then why did you post a link to incorrect information that you knew was incorrect.

Presumably some of the information in there must be correct. LMAO. It's not like they redesigned the exterior of the think in the last month. And if the information is completely wrong, then why is that what was submitted for Z-wave certification?

Here's the link directly from the z-wave alliance website:

And that is version, who knows.


I explicity said it was not the latest manual and I was letting people know where the latest version would be posted soon. (per Aeotec)

That's not the same link that you originally posted or what you took screenshots of trying to prove I was wrong and if you had posted that link we would have avoided this entire conversation...

I checked z-wave alliance 9 days ago and they still had the old manuals you originally linked to. That's why I had to get the updated manuals directly from Aeotec in order to fix the SmartThings handlers. The ones currently on z-wave alliance still aren't the latest because the latest is version 6 dated 3/1/2019, but pretty much all the information in version 5 is correct.


So, which is it??? The version I linked to was 8. Which presumably, would be after 5 or 6. Correct?


That document might show version 8, but its last date is 11/14/2018 and everything in it is wrong. Compare the configuration parameter section to the version 5 manual on z-wave alliance and you'll see that everything is completely different.

Both links you originally posted are for old manuals and they were written for the 1.2 firmware which is completely different. The manuals posted on Z-Wave alliance match the 1.4 firmware so the information in them is correct, but they're still not the latest version because the latest version for both devices is version 6.


You would think this is self explanatory......but not to a brick wall.....


If you have the newer version, why did you just post it?!? LMAO The one you linked to was older than the one I linked to. I give up.


Because I don't post information manufacturers provide me unless they explicitly give me permission. They also told me they'd update the links on that their engineering specs page ASAP so that page should have the updated documents soon...


I don't understand how a company can start selling a product without even having the updated manuals online. If you go to their website right now, the doc is so out of date that it is is, to use your words, "completely incorrect". How is this okay to them? It baffles me.

And I'm the one getting grief for linking to old documents when mine are newer than the ones they link to on their own website?!?!?


Wow, take a couple deep breaths. I’m going outside for a while, it’s a beautiful day where I live. Hope everyone else is having a nice Sunday. @aaiyar can you let us know how it’s going as you use the device more?


Ok I’ll try again then (edit: last post was flagged, temporarily it seems). Can we get back to an actually useful discussion? @aaiyar are you using the doorbell button? If so how’s it working? I have found the button on the prior gen to be inconsistent even though it’s not very far away from my doorbell.


You were spot on with the previous's a common method of operation, sadly.


I second that...

I haven't tried using the buttons more than 5' from the device, but I've had 3 of them attached and they've all worked flawlessly.

They don't have the problem where they don't work reliably when being held and you don't have to press the button dead center.

There isn't a defined button area on them, but as long as you press somewhere near the middle of the device it works. They also have an LED so you can easily see whether the button was actually pushed.


Thank you for bringing some good sense to this discussion. After all, it is Pentecost Sunday - a joyous occasion!

Yes, indeed I am. While I wish the button mounting mechanism was more robust, the button works well. It is outside my front door and the siren is about 25 feet away. It hasn't missed yet. Up to three buttons can be paired to single siren. Automations based on the button being pushed have worked solidly.

No complaints thus far.

Hope you enjoyed your afternoon stroll - it is a gorgeous day here in southern Louisiana!!