Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Just ordered one. It will take a month to ship & import and will cost 90 bucks minimum. Sigh. Ho-hum.


Tomorrow, after Mass, I'm setting up my Aeotec Doorbell 6. Excited to get it set up!!


Personally, I would miss Mass to focus on that :wink:


One hour a week isn't too much to ask for! And there's coffee and donuts right afterword!!


Ah, well in that case, good point and well made :smile:


But what if he calls on you and you miss him because you haven't installed your doorbell?:innocent:


Can you purchase the siren and doorbell separately?



I don't know. I bought this from Amazon. The Doorbell was $70. The Siren is $63. At that price difference, it just made sense to get the Doorbell.


What’s the difference ?



AFAIK, the Doorbell comes with a wireless doorbell button with a ~300 ft range, which the siren doesn't have.


I setup my siren 6 this morning. Working as expected so far!

One minor interesting thing is that if you keep hitting volume up, it will try to set the volume to 110 (which it can't do). Doesn't hurt anything, just an observation.

[dev:1093]( 10:05:33.714 am [debug](

[dev:1093]( 10:05:33.711 am [debug](


It's just a debug log message, z-wave sniffer shows that it doesn't actually attempt to set the device volume above 100%.


I can’t seem to find the Doorbell or Siren v6 manuals online, does anyone know if the volume can be adjusted like both of the gen5 devices were capable of doing?


Here's the manual and the engineering specs for the doorbell 6.


The built-in handler supports volume 1-100%...


Thanks, engineering specs confirm it should have seven adjustable volume levels.


That's the manual for the 1.2 firmware, but the product was released with 1.4 firmware.

The overall functionality of the device with the new firmware is different along with every single configuration parameter, which is why I spent 20+ hours re-writing my SmartThings handlers to get them to work with the production model.


That was one of the changes. They no longer have a configuration parameter for volume so you have to use the sound switch command class to change the volume.

The sound switch command class supports volume values 0-100, but you have to manual build the hex commands that get sent to the device because that command class isn't supported by Hubitat or SmartThings.


That's all I was able to find online and the manual was the one on the Z-wave alliance website.


The latest version of the manual isn't posted online yet...

The page below is the official page for all of Aeotec's engineering specs. The manuals haven't been updated yet, but they said they were going to last week so they'll probably be updated soon.