Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Oops, I'm thinking in terms of my covered porch, narrow focus I guess. I don't think the Samsung button are waterproof, sorry.


Yup - same symptom here. The first time it happened (in June) pulling the battery and reinserting it reset the battery to 85%. That battery died in early July. The replacement started glowing every few seconds yesterday. I haven't pulled it yet.


The Aeotec Siren 6 looks like it is probably the same hardware as the Aeotec Doorbell 6 just without the button controller. Does anyone know if you can import mp3 into it like you could with the Aeon Labs Doorbell 5?



No, you cannot.


It took a while to come back up after I put it back in. How long did your first battery end up lasting? It might have had some life left in it.


About 2 months. When I pulled it, my memory it was just under 3V (2.95-2.98V) - I know that doesn't really say anything about residual capacity, but its the only measurement I have. I'll pull the replacement battery and measure its voltage tonight.


Bad design if it gets damp inside. It’s a door bell for dog’s sake.
I was going to suggest hardwiring it into a 3v supply but if it’s not weather resistant is there much point ??
Contact Aeotec support !


Are the contactpoints pressing hard enough against the battery? Maybe bend them a little if they are loose?


It's not that the contacts are loose. And the door has a screw on it and a LOT of weatherproofing inside. But I have no awning around my front door. So, it is totally exposed to the elements. I wouldn't even consider putting a video doorbell up. And this only happened after a torrential downpour. The thing isn't 100% have to be able to get into it to change the battery. So, this was expected (by me at least). This button would stand up in any situation where it had even the least bit of cover without a problem. The one part that I think is silly is that the batter door opens at the top. This is done so that you can use the mounting bracket that it slides on from the bottom. If they had put the opening at the bottom, behind the bracket, then it would have totally solved this problem. But hey, I'm no engineer. :wink:


But I don't think a little damp should/could drain the battery or make it report wrong. It all starts to sound like a real hardware issue (maybe even an engineering issue).


Well, all i know is that when I dried the battery off and put it back in it has worked fine ever since and it still reports 68% battery. And I've had it for about 3 months now.


Pulled the battery. It was at 3.37V. Put it back in, hit refresh, and it reads 100%. I'm in a humid location, so who knows .....


What a hassle !
I’d definitely be contacting Aeotec as there’s something very odd going on there.


Long and short stuff repeats again.

This time my contact sensors which are zwave are sending multiple opens.

My only thought is due to the outdoor zwave plugs. My guess is that they are routing through those for some bizarre reason.


Didn't they replace your original unit?


Yeah I don’t think it’s the device.

It’s the contact sensor now doing dumb things.

Zwave is driving me crazy.


The device occasionally reports a false low battery level, but if you press the physical doorbell button and then click the button device's refresh button it should report the correct level without having to take out the battery.


Thanks, I'll give that a try. I'm also seeing the low battery level being reported but I've only had the device for a month now so need to wait a bit longer to see how long it actually lasts.


I've been using epoxy, silicone and Corrosion-X Heavy Duty for Devices that aren't weatherproof that I want to install outside just have to make sure if they're battery powered you seal up the battery area. I can submerge my contact sensors in water and they still work afterwards.
My door Bell 6 is poe powered I'll see if it reports low battery.


But then how do you open the device to change the battery if it's sealed with silicone?