Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


so annoying this is Still not for sale in Aus yet.


The siren works just fine with hubitat. I originally had my siren on smarthings, before it was natively supported on Hubitat. Once the driver came out I moved it to Hubitat and it's been fine since. The siren is very loud, so I usually test mine with the chime, set at 10%.
Good luck


awesome, yeah I found out how loud it was when I connected it to abode but it wasn't fully supported there. Glad to see it is working with hubitat, I'm sure there are some cool integrations that can be done with it.

They also sent me a bulb, window sensor 7, smart switch 6 (plug), and multi-sensor 6 to test out, I haven't done much with them yet since I've just got the new hub setup


I received my replacment from Aeotec. I haven't installed it yet.

I'm hoping the duplicate alert issues I've been experiencing will be gone now.


The unit has been installed.

I'm not getting any repeating like I have been experiencing.


Hi there!

I've completed moving all my Smartthings over to Hubitat and the Doorbell is the first new device. It was working so well I went and brought a second button for the back door. The Button paired to the Chime OK BUT I cannot get Hubitat to recognize that the Chime has 2 buttons. It only creates one child Button. I have excluded the Doorbell and then reset it, added the buttons and then included it back into the Hubitat Zwave. It only creates one button. Anyone had any luck with more than one button in Hubitat?


Did you click the "Pair Button 2" button in the device details then triple-click the physical button to pair the second button? If you did that and the device was successfully paired then the device should have turned on.

You should have done the same thing with "Pair Button 1" and the first button.


The button battery life on my Doorbell 6 is really poor. I changed the original battery in the first week of July when it started reading 1%, and refresh didn't change that number.

The replacement battery started reading 1% today morning and the Doorbell 6 is flashing. That's just about 2 months.


shesh thats not good. What battery does it take ?


That’s crazy short!


Sounds like a connection issue. I don't have the button myself, so don't know much about it. Is it securely connected or insecure? And do you have a repeater nearby?


CR2450 battery


Buttons don't connect via z-wave to the Siren. It's some low wavelength direct connection - I think 433.92 MHz.


Yup. And it is a PITA to replace the battery (tough to get the back cover off and back on correctly).


Ok, still the same thing might be the cause. Is it far away from the siren? Walls in between?


Nope. The button is outside my front door. The siren is immediately inside. So one wall separating them.


Hmm, I don't think that should be a problem then. My only thought then is to contact reseller or aeon about it.


Forget that button, it'll cost you a fortune in batteries. Get a Samsung button, I have one and they work perfect, then use button controller to setup.


That's a great idea. Do you know if they're weather resistant?


I had the same problem. I just removed the battery and re-inserted it and it came back up to 85%. It was after a powerful rain and the inside of the battery compartment was a little damp. It's happened twice now. Both times the bell began slowly glowing every few seconds indicating the button battery was low.