Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here

For battery powered things like contact sensors I just seal the led hole and the edges then use a razor blade to open it. I usually run cat 6 to contact sensors and power them with a POE switch hate changing batteries. I only have three devices that are fully exposed to the elements. two contact sensors and the door bell button. The door bell button is powered by 24v poe with resistors to drop the voltage,

on a side note the Door bell button hates being mounted to stainless Steel I couldn't get a signal at all when mounting directly to the Box.

I've installed this driver yet again. I'm getting constant duplicate entries again.....

I will see if this fixes it...

That device is supported by Hubitat so you should be using the built-in driver, but you can't switch from one to the other so remove the device, delete my driver, and join it again.

Update: I just realized you were referring to the contact sensor and not the siren, but that's also been fixed in the built-in driver. The original fix broke reporting for a user so there's now a setting you need to enable to suppress the duplicates.

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Oh thanks I didn’t realize that.

New Question: Is there any way to programmatically change the strobe effect?

There seem to be seven options that can be set in the Siren or Doorbell device preferences, but I cannot find any way within the Rule Machine to affect the preference settings. I'd like to be able to select the effect and start the light much like using the Sound Chime action in the Doorbell device. Undocumented parameters for a custom strobe action perhaps?

With the native driver? No. You would have to have a custom driver to set the strobe affect programmatically.

I just got one of these. Is it normal for the different sounds to have vastly different playback levels? For example, the default doorbell chime at volume 15 is fairly loud. Yet other sounds are almost silent at that volume. Is everyone getting that or is it just mine?

Well, there is a volume for the doorbell and a separate volume for the tone sound and a separate volume for the Alarm. So, you have to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. When you say different for different tones, are you changing the tone selected for the doorbell or are you using the "play sound" command in the driver?

The play sound command on the parent device page. When I set a volume level, then put a number into the play sound box and hit the button. Some sounds are so quiet you can barely hear them while others are pretty loud. I'd expect there to be small differences due to perception. But we're talking a huge difference. Seems odd so I'm wondering if others get that too or if there's an issue with my device.

I haven't even began experimenting with the siren part yet.

Though it is subjective, the volume differences are not that great in my experiences. Maybe max 2 points offset compared to other sounds.

The difference is more in the sharpness or how much they echo. Maybe that is what is making them sound so different.

No, mine are much more extreme. Some are barely audible at the same volume that others are loud. If your device was doing it you'd say there's nothing subjective about it at all. I'll contact the manufacturer then and ask what's up since you aren't reporting the same.

Definitely not seeing anything like that with mine.

So is there a way to set HSM to use different siren sounds and levels for different kinds of alerts? I've set it up as an alarm for intrusion, but it would also be cool if I could have it sound the Smoke or CO2 sounds when a detector goes off. Right now it looks like I can set the siren but it doesn't give me any options for configuration in the HSM app.

A chime device also gets created when you join the siren and that device is meant to be used to play sounds on the fly.

If you use Rule Machine you'll be able to select the device as a "Chime" and play any of the sounds by number.

You can also change the volume before playing the sound, but you should add at least 1 second delay between changing the volume and playing the sound to ensure that the volume change gets applied before it starts playing.

The chime sounds are not continuous though. Anyways, don't your smoke detectors make enough noise already? If not, then you need more smoke detectors. You should not rely on Hubitat to get you out of the house in a fire.

When your house is on fire, is there really any such a thing as too much noise? I never said anything about relying on HSM to get us out of the house. Besides that, there are other custom alerts you can set in HSM. And for people who are vision impaired, this would be a nice feature.

Again, if you have visually impaired people in your home you should have smoke detectors that provide visual queues and also vibration alarms in beds. I would not rely on Hubitat to evacuate my house in the case of a fire. I would also not use Hubitat to "augment", "boost", "bolster" any such fire/smoke alarm, except for remote notification. If the built in system of my alarms needs something else then it isn't a complete system. But if you feel comfortable using Hubitat as "extra", then go for it.

What does beep do differently?

I would also like to have strobe effects in certain situation with RM. Is there a custom driver out there or is Hubitat thinking about adding it to the Aeotec 6 Doorbell/siren?