Aeotec Nanno Dimmer - Utalise S2

Does anyone know how to Utalise S2 (Switch 2) of the Aeotec Nano Dimmer? Namely, to control a scene/virtual switch.

I currently have the nano dimmer set up to control downlights with a momentary switch via S1 on a single-gang wall plate. I have lamps in the same room and would like to be able to change to a 2-gang wall plate, add another mechanism and use S2 to control a scene I have set for the lamps.

Everything I have read seems to indicate this is possible but device states of the Aeotec device only has 'switch: on/off' (see screenshot) which just seems to be for S1. Despite the fact there is switch options for S2 (see 2nd screenshot)

Anyone know how to expose S2?

Hi - you can use Custom Actions to expose the second relay and control it.

See this post, and the ones that follow it, for an example using an Enerwave in-wall dual-relay:


I could be misunderstanding your use-case, but are you trying to indepdently control two lighting loads with the aeotec nano dimmer?

IIRC it can’t do that. It can control one lighting load but has the option to connect two external switches in a three-way configuration (which is called two-way in the UK, I believe, in case you’re not in the US).

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Thanks, aaiyar. I'll have a read up and see how I go. Appreciate the advice.

Nope, not trying to control a 2nd load. Just use S2 with a momentary mechanism to trigger a scene, or virtual device.

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I see, definitely look into what @aaiyar said, then.

I used a couple aeotec dimmers and switches (including the nano series) when I still had everything connected to ST. But since switching to HE I decided to go with Lutron caseta devices for all my lights because the integration is so fantastic.

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Yup. Totally agree. I use my enerwave dual-relays to create two controlled outlets in a single gang. And I have the older enerwaves that can support up to 10A load for each relay.


I've certainly considered the Caseta stuff but being in Aus I'm not sure how well supported it is here.
Currently building so just trying to do as much tested as possible in the meantime to find the most appropriate solution to roll out through the whole house.

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Yeah in that case I don’t think caseta is a good option. There’s a general discussion thread on all things aussie-related if you haven’t seen it, though.

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Hi @aaiyar. Thanks for your recommendation but I don't think this is quite right. As I just want the on/off of S2 on the Aeotec (named Bedroom Celing) to in turn trigger a scene, unrelated to what S1 does, the only thing wired to S2 is a separated momentary switch... shouldn't I be looking to set the on/off of the Aeotec S2 as the trigger, not the action? Maybe I'm confused.

Regardless, I tried setting up as per your post but receive an error. I think it is because when selecting the custom action and then custom command I don't have a on1 / off1 and on2 / off2. Just on / off. I tried just using 'on' and then add a parameter and string and put '2' but I just get an error.
Please see screenshots


S2 cannot be configured to do that. As @marktheknife stated, s2 is for controlling the load on the dimmer, not as a button controller for the hub. The events are not exposed to the hub in that way, as you can see in the documentation provided by Aeotec.


As you can see, S1 and S2 only control the load of the dimmer. They are not exposes as separate devices or switches.

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Thank you for clarifying that for me @Ryan780. In case you can't tell I'm pretty new to all of this.

In Aus we also have the Qubino Dimmer Switch by GOAP.

From your experience, does this sound like this may be able to do what I am trying to achieve (I.e. with a 2-gang plate use the Qubino dimmer with a momentary mechanism to control downlights and run another mechanism off it to be able to trigger scenes)......

The Quibino definitely supports several different options for the inputs to the device. A quick look at the Hubitat driver for this device tells us everything we need to know. Let's take a look:

Here you can see that you have several different options for inputs 2 and 3. It appears that input 1 is limited to controlling the load for the dimmer module. However, when we look at the inputs allows for I2 and I3, this is the list we see:


So, it would appear that "button" isn't available. However, we can "cheat" the system. If we were to set I2 up as a contact sensor then connect it to a switch, we would be able to trigger off of that contact sensor changing value to do whatever we wanted to do. You would not even need to use a momentary button attached to the input if you set up your rule to trigger off the contact sensor changing. Flipping the switch on, would make the contact appear closed and flipping it off would make it appear open, for example. If you took whatever action you wanted to take based on that change, you could then use the input the way you are describing. Not a straight shot from A to B but you get there eventually. So, if that is a function that you need, I think the Qubino can get you there.


@Ryan780 That is a great post. I am very appreciative of the time you took to research that and break it down for me. I think that is going to tick all the boxes I need. And keep the wife happy.
So the plan is to have a multi-gang standard clipsal wall plates through the house then. Like this....

In the bedroom for example (my current test room) 1 switch would drive the dimmer load to control the downlights. Then I could have 1 switch to control the bedside lamps which are using Philips hue globes just by using a virtual contact sensor as you suggested. That leaves 1 extra I could use to control the pedestal fan that is using an aeotec z wave wall plug. Brilliant! Keeps one neat wall plate and 2 of the switches can be reprogrammed whenever to do something different.

In this configuration, you would not have local control of the dimming level of the Qubino or of the Hue globes. But you would have on-off control, yes. This would not be my preferred method but I can't see why that wouldn't work. Maybe someone else would.

I also would not run out and buy 10 Qubino based on this. If anyting, get one and try it first. Then you'll know for sure it if will work the way you want.

The other option here is the fibaro dimmer 2 using ericm driver. I believe that exposes the s2 scene control feature as well as using double tap scene control as well. I have been thinking of doing something similar with scene control and smart bulbs.

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I can use the two child switches to trigger scenes that will essentially provide local dimming.
Re purchases, yep that's the idea while in testing. I have been buying 1 item at a time and ensuring it will be appropriate to roll out to the whole house once construction is finished.

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Hey good to know! I will have a look at the fibaro too. Once I have my hands on these items and have done some testing I will post back an update.

Awesome. I'll be doing the same so great to hear if it works well.

Also, believe @BorrisTheCat uses that feature on the fibaro as well, so can likely attest to its usefulness.