What’s the etiquette/procedure here to ask someone to update an app?

Do I offer money PayPal?
Do I fill out a form?
Is there a request forum?

I want to update [Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration to include two separate relays. The developer says [Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration but I have no idea how to do that. I’m willing to pay, if that’s the correct protocol.

Thank you

Send a PM to the originator of the app and ask him if he can update the app to accommodate you.

The developer is @josh (Josh Lyon). I don't have a Wink Relay, but looking at the driver code, it looks like both relays are supported. You will have to use Custom Commands or Custom Actions to create two virtual switches and then rules that turn on/off relay1 and relay2 devices using virtual switches.

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He no longer works on the app. The second link is him telling the community how to it, but it takes Coding experience

Okay, thank you for your solution sir

No problem. I have to use the same approach to control each individual relay in my Enerwave dual-zwave relays. What I stated is incorrect, here's what I meant to write:

a) Create two virtual switches - one for each relay within the Wink Relay
b) Using Rule Machine, create a rule that uses Custom Actions to run the commands relay1On and relay1Off when with first virtual switch is turned on or off.
c) Do the exact same thing for the second virtual switch, except the Custom Actions will be relay2On and relay2Off.


Thank you, I’m 2 days into hubitat so I’m excited to see if I can do this. I THOUGHT I understand. Thanks again

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No worries - I was a 2 day-old Hubitat user not so long ago. Anyway, the image below should help you.

Here's what I did:

  1. I created a virtual switch called "Test Virtual Switch". The rule below uses this virtual switch to control the first relay (on1, off1) in an Enerwave dual-relay called "Shredder and Fan".

  2. The rule had two conditions: "Test Virtual Switch on" and "Test Virtual Switch off" that were created before creating any of the actions.

  3. Using conditionals, the rule does the following:

    IF Test Virtual Switch turns on
    THEN run custom action "on1" on Shredder and Fan
    ELSE IF Test Virtual Switch turns off
    THEN run custom action "off1" on Shredder and Fan

Here's what the finished rule looks like:




  1. I made the virtual switch called “Fan”

  2. I went into rule machine 3.0
    (A) trigger - physical switch- if changed

Now here’s where I’m stuck.
(B) actions- run custom action-switch- this is where I only see relay 1 on or relay one off. I need this to toggle

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance

Edit: I just saw your image, I’ll try that. Thank you

Can you show me with screenshots? Also, this is easier to setup with Rule 4.0

After an hr of tinkering, I can’t figure out hoe the make my THEN a custom action Screenshot

Thank you for your time

Here's a series of screen shots leading to a custom action. In this case, the physical device (Enerwave Dual-Relay) is called "Shredder and Fan"

Create a virtual switch:

Create a new rule:

The trigger is Virtual Switch changed:

Create the two conditions to test for (Virtual Switch On & Virtual Switch Off):

Choose "Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action", and select "Run Custom Action":

The capability for the action device is Switch, and the switch I selected is "Shredder and Fan":


The Custom Commands that become available are specific to the Enerwave Dual Relay driver and will include the "on1" and "off1" command that was used a couple posts back.


I hope this helps!


Thank you. I got off to on to work, but not on to off. Do you see why


You need to select the opposite of what you've selected, I think for the two actions.

Thank you, finally got it. The wink relay was a main reason I chose hubitat and never would have been able to do this without you. Thank you again for all your help.


No worries. We've all been there.

A quick question, if a buy a smart button, can I attach it to that virtual switch?

Yes. Or bypass the virtual switch entirely. And control the relays in the Wink Relay directly with the smart button.