Aeotec Illumino Dimmer & Switch Built-in Driver Update Request

There was a prior request for this that auto-closed with no responses: Aeotec Illumino Dimmer Switch (zwa037)

I just installed a half dozen of these, so I'm trying to get some traction. The latest device firmware release back in March of 2023 added a few additional parameter configurations. The one I'm most interested in is the LED behavior update.

I'd be glad to assist with the update, but would prefer to start with the existing drive code rather than from scratch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it is any help to others, I was able to work around the limitation using the Basic Wave Tool: HubitatPublic/examples/drivers/basicZWaveTool.groovy at master · hubitat/HubitatPublic · GitHub
(Note: The downside is after you use this utility, you can't make any config updates with the built-in driver because it overwrites the parameter value. :frowning: )

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I am using the ZOOZ Zen driver from jtp10181 for my Illumino dimmers. This allows me to modify their parameters via rules.

Yeah... I think I meant to make a special version for this device but never did. We might need one for a new Leviton 800 Dimmer as well. Seems Z-Wave is getting some more traction back in the market. This may be a good test case for an idea I have been cooking up in my head for a more universal driver (which could support all the settings for any device).

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@justin.burgod @Wounded

Please Test this driver and give feedback. It should discover all the settings for you!

Looking into adding this now. Can you (or anyone with this device) scroll down to the "Device Details" table at the bottom of the device detail page and see what is listed for firmwareVersion in the Data row? (Hopefully it's there...)

Not really sure I'll need this for the LED parameter (#83) updates, but I see they also added parameter 120. If anyone is interested in that one, it would be nice to filter that one to the appropriate version. That being said, the document is not really clear on what it does, and the Basic Z-Wave Tool shouldn't have any problem with this parameter (the driver won't overwrite it if you switch back). And I'm not sure anyone has asked for this particular one, so... :man_shrugging: