Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen 5 (ZW078) - Pairing with no security

So, was just updating some things on my Zwave and trying to get rid of unnecessary security on some of my paired devices. I am down to this device being the only non-barrier device I have paired with S0. I tried excluding and repairing, and every single time it pairs with S0 and no prompt to pair without security. This is regardless of whether I use the app, or if I use the web page either from Firefox or Chrome on my desktop and laptop. I have also factory reset the device in between exclusion and inclusion.

Is there a trick to this one that someone else out there may know? Or, is that just not possible with this device? Would really like to be rid of all unnecessary security prior to updating the hub platform as I am aware that the database is updated as well. Would like to have it running the way I want it prior to updating the platform and database.

Current hub platform:
Current Device Firmware: 3.28 (unable to find any firmware updates for this one)
Current Device Driver: Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch

Some older devices that are S0 only have no way to bypass S0 inclusion.


I thought that might be the case. I just did not want to make any assumptions without asking.

I have the same problem.

They will only negotiate to S0 when including. You can get around it with a secondary z-wave controller. I have a Zooz Zen stick just for this and to aide with firmware updates. There's an excellent guide written by @danabw on how to get the software setup.


Here...tells how to get and install "Simplicity Software" that includes PC Controller required to use w/UZB stick as a secondary controller:

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Adding @danabw also

So, I finally had a day to try this out. I am running into an issue with pairing my secondary controller as no security. HE is not giving me the option to do this. So, the stick ALWAYS pairs with security and any devices I add using the stick also have security.

I added and removed about 6 times. Every time the stick adds as SO and so does anything I add through PC controller. (Bonus, at least I have good practice navigating PC controller now)

My stick is (ACC-UZB3-U-STA Silicon Labs | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey)

Can anyone confirm the SLUSB001A DOES in fact allow the options before I order it?

Just to clarify, this part is where it isn't giving me the option: Step 13, page 3

Yes - that is a 700-series USB stick so it can join with and without security.

You can just disable support for everything except unencrypted:



That did it. Knew there had to be a way.

That takes me down to only having security on the locks and garage door.

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