Advice on migrating to Hubitat

Hi all. I've been a smartthings user for years and have been pretty happy until recently.
Here is some details about my setup:
• 1 Smarthings v3 hub
• 2 kwikset 914 door locks (zigbee)
• 25 open close sensors (mix of zwave & zigbee)
• 1 garage door (chamberlin w/ myQ)
• 15 in wall on/off light switches (mostly zwave GE brand)
• 5 on/off smart outlet plugs (Zigbee)
• 2 water leak sensors (zigbee)
• 1 Ring door bell
• 5 ring cameras
• 5 Amazon Echos across the house to enable voice control
One of my doorlocks recently became "missing" from smartthings, and I've tried for days to re-add it with no luck. I'm also not very happy with lack of features in the new smarthings platform. For these reasons I'm considering switching from Smarthings to Hubitit. I would like some advice on the following:
• How hard is Hubitat to setup and configure?
• How long would it take to migrate all my devices?
• Based on my device list above, is there any compatibility issues I might have?
Are there any key features that smartThings has that Hubitat does not?

@cpmiller22 All you have will work fine with Hubitat. (For the my q, you will need My Q Lite from Hubitat package manager, the rest will use built in drivers)

Have a look at this thread.

There is a Ring community integration that has varied support for Ring depending on the effort you want to put into it.

I just use it to control the lights on the cameras via other motion sensors aside from the ones on the Ring cameras, but you can do more if you do additional configuration.

See the link that @rlithgow1 posted - tons of good info from that post and you can't go wrong.

Ask questions - active forum here w/plenty of geeks available to help.

Also - before you do anything else take care of this very important initial step in joining this community: :slight_smile:

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Winner! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. Since my original post 1 things happened:

  • I ordered a Hubitat c-8
  • I got my lock to work again with the smartthings hub.

So at this point I have less urgency, and will have time compare the two hubs and decide which one I want to keep.


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