Ademco Vista 15P Integration

I am currently using HomeSeer for my home automation with an AD2USB decoder to integrate with my Vista15P alarm system. I'm happy with the integration but not with Homeseer. I have been considering moving to Hubitat due to the local automation and more modern aesthetic. The deciding factor is going to be whether or not Hubitat can properly integrate with my Ademco alarm system like Homeseer does. It would need to be able to remotely arm and disarm of course, and also be able to trigger scenes from zones on my alarm system. What options would I have for integration if I did move to the Hubitat Elevation system?

Smartthings-nodeproxy ([RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration - Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community) + this driver (

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I have an AD2Pi hooked to an Arduino. I don’t know enough about the USB model though to say whether it will work. Many SmartThings integrations are portable to HE so you may want to search their community for a project with the USB model to see what options you have.

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I recently integrated my old Ademco system into Hubitat using Konnected (link) with Noonlight integration. Granted I have zero programming experience, but so far the whole setup has worked without a hitch.

Brian, will this allow me to do things like lock my Z wave door when system armed and unlock when disarm? Or turn on my living room lights when I open the front door?

zkmay11, thanks for the input. Konnected seems to be an entire replacement for my alarm panel, I am looking for a simple bridge between my existing panel and the Hubitat Hub. Those things seem like a pretty neat concept though.

I will say I am impressed with how quick the community response was. That alone makes me want to switch to Hubitat.

Yes, assuming the smartthings-nodeproxy is doing the heavy lifting and surfacing a common interface to Hubitat. I’m using this integration - albeit with a Envisalink talking to my Vista20p instead of the AD2USB. My understanding is that there should be no difference, but it’s not been tested here to my knowledge.

@brianwilson I am not familiar with what a node proxy is. Will it allow everything to still work locally and have no reliance on the cloud?

If it doesn't work I'll probably just buy an Envisalink. I self monitor my system anyways and it would be nice to get text message and email functionality.

Yes, but the proxy server needs to run on another machine like a Raspberry Pi; it can’t run on the Hubitat itself.

I use an ad2pi as well. It works great. I use a modified alarmdecoder-smartthings to integrate it with HE. The usb version wouldn’t be able to directly talk to HE since you can’t connect the USB device directly to HE. The ad2pi sends the messages over the lan.

I just ordered a HE yesterday. I may hold off on the alarm integration for awhile seeing that the AD2PI is $175 + $25 for the 12v-5v transformer. Thanks for the input and advice gentlemen :+1:

Hey guys, I bought a rasberry pi and got it all setup today with raspbian. I'm going to try and use your instructions to set it up by plugging my AD2USB into it that I already own. I wanna try this setup first before I drop extra cash on an envisalink or AD2Pi. Do you have any additonal advice for me before I proceed?

I’m afraid not. I don’t have any experience integrating that device with a rpi.

As mentioned above I only have experience with the AD2Pi but maybe some of NuTechs code may help you:

Welp I'm throwing in the towel. Gonna buy an Envisalink and try the second method. I attempted to setup the node-proxy but got a little overwhelmed since I'm not a coder and there is alot of lingo that is completely foreign to me. Hopefully it will be good enough for what I'm trying to do.

Hi @Cosmo!
Sorry I am coming late and probably with much less "verve" than you have.
I learned about Hubitat today and the first question I had was integration with ADT Vista through AD2PI I already own.
This is probably the first integration I will try if I and-up getting Hubitat (likely - since their mission resonates with me).
Since you already have RPI and AD2USB there may even be a way to intercept the serial UART signals if that AD2USB and attach it to the RPI the way AD2PI would be and then your Raspian image tailored for RPI may work out of the box,

I never got it "beautiful" so I haven't officially released it, but I made a fork of alarmdecoder-smartthings that I think is much better. It's available at GitHub - dcmeglio/alarmdecoder-smartthings: AlarmDecoder webapp support for the SmartThings home automation platform.

I made a few changes from the ST version (I submitted pull requests to the author, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth). My changes are:

  • Since both the Ademco and HSM support a "Night" mode, I added support for this, not just stay/away
  • Instead of entering everything by zone number for wireless devices (zone # is the only way that works for wired), instead enter the serial # for each device. If you do it this way, the wireless devices have the ability to report not just "alarm" but also "tamper" and can tell you if the battery is low as an attribute and their last check in time as an attribute
  • You don't need to modify the code to specify the # of sensors you want to add, you can do it right from the UI

I may make further enhancements since the author, as I said, seems to have gone dark unfortunately. I've been running my code for 6 months or so and it's been stable for me. Feel free to take a look!

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Thanks @dman2306! I will give this a shot and see if I can make it work :+1:

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