Adding ZEN32 scene controller

Hi, I'm new to Hubitat but familiar with other home automation systems.

I have a set of LED lights controlled by Zooz dry contact relays. I've not added a ZEN32 scene controller and want to use this to toggle the lights.

I've added a new Simple Automation, and can see the switch, but I can't see where I can choose which of the 5 button. Have I missed a step?

You would be better off using the Button Controller app instead of Simple Automation.

The ZEN32 is mostly a button device to Hubitat, not a switch. You'll want to chose that type of device in Simple Automation Rules, though Button Controller might be a better app to use for this kind of thing.

The "switch" attribute and on/off commands are only usable on this device for monitoring or controlling the (optional) connected load, which a single tap of the large button does by default. Other buttons (plus really this one too) and multi taps, holds, etc., will get reported as some type of button event, like "button 3 pushed" or "button 1 doubleTapped." Those are what you'd look for as "triggers" in SAR, Button Controller, or whatever app you end up using.


I've been really happy with my Z32 - I use it for a ceiling fan (which is integrated via Bond).

I highly recommend using @bertabcd1234's excellent custom driver for the Z32 -- it makes configuration much easier.

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