Add Confirmation prompt to any template?

Hi, I know that certain templates have a confirmation prompts (garage door) but I have a couple other devices that I would like to have confirmation on my dashboard before I allow the state to be changed.

Is this possible?

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Not at this time. Will add your request to the feature request list.

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Thanks, I would also expect one may want to make a specific tile protected by a pin code,

One other request to add if you have the list going,
Dashboards can be protected by pin codes, you should allow usage of the pin codes that you set up within "lock manager" and thus dashboard or a specific tile is instead protected by a pin code account (or multiple).

Thanks for the additional items to add your request to as several others have also asked for these things.

We do not provide ETAs or guarantees that features will be implemented, however, we do appreciate the requests.

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Adding my vote to request the ability to add an "are you sure?" dialog box to devices other than locks. I have a couple of "switch" devices that I use to trigger actions that I would hate to see happen by mistake. One of them activates the controls for my boat hoist to lower it down into the water. The last thing that I'd like to see happen is for that switch to be triggered by a wrong touch and the boat be lowered into the water while I'm not home. Would not be a good outcome.

My fix in the meantime is to place that control in its own separate dashboard to minimize the chances of hitting that tile by mistake.

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+1 this requested feature

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This would be really slick.

I found a good workaround for this. Create a virtual lock (without a code) and then create a rule that triggers when the lock is unlocked. The virtual lock has the feature of asking the question "Are you sure?"

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