Access Hubitat through internet

Have you got any plans for access through internet and I really miss this option since I like to work with the setup in my evenings when out traveling.

Have anyone got a easy solution to suggest? My router doesn’t not have a built in vpn option.


Sounds like a great excuse to buy a new router! :wink:

You can also run an OpenVPN server on another always on computer on your home network. Some folks use a Raspberry Pi for just this purpose.


As @ogiewon mentioned, a Raspberry Pi and Openvpn provide a great option. At first I was really intimidated to set this up but then I came across this

Makes setup a breeze. This also allows me to easily connect to my webcams without exposing them directly to the internet.


Just to answer the first portion of your post...

Hubitat has said, more than once, they have no intent to expose the ADMIN side of the device to the Internet. I for one, are more than grateful for that. It would be a serious security issue for me.

I setup OpenVPN on a Linux server and it took a couple hours, I've used it hundreds of times since. As @stephack said, it allows me access to all the other admin elements I have within my home too. Well worth the time investment, for me.


We have no plans to allow admin access remotely to Hubitat Elevation. As others have said, the best bet is a VPN. It doesn't have to be built into your router. There are several good standalone VPN solutions that can work. OpenVPN is so lightweight, you could run it on an rPI or similar and forward the ports on your router to it.


Just FYI I use VNC Viewer.
Works a treat.
And it's free. :smile:


Do you mean you connect remotely using VNC?

Do you use a VPN or SSH tunnel?

I believe VNC connections on their own aren’t encrypted.

Best bet is to just use OpenVPN. I personally use Pfsense which I have running an OpenVPN server for remote access. Otherwise a really good low cost solution would be a raspberry pi with OpenVPN. Then I can just access anything on my local LAN.

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I have VNC Viewer running on an RPi connected to my LAN at home.
I then connect to the HE Hub over the local LAN.

Thanks I've tried openVPN before. It'd be even better if it were a docker image.

Thanks for all replies!
OpenVPN is then they way to go. Does anyone have this running on same rpi as Homebridge?

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but I am using a Raspberry PI for VPN and also HomeBridge.

Found that from a few minutes ago.. so at least one person has Homebridge and VPN on a rPi... :slight_smile:

Not sure where this came about but I use OpenVPN using the pivpn bash script.

You can also use the OpenVPN Server in AsusWRT Merlin firmware. It is built-in and works great. I have an Asus AC86 that gives you h/w assist for the encryption for OpenVPN. I have only minimal slowdown in my broadband speeds using it.


Caught this thread and wanted to mention a few things…

First up, please give HousePanel by @kewashi a whirl. It's awesome. There are several ways to then connect to HousePanel remotely – either by VPN or a few other methods.

While I do have VPN access enabled to my home, I only use this for troubleshooting and admin type work on HE. At the moment, I use a standard Hubitat style dashboard for "friendly" remote access to turn on the lights as I am walking home from the car or check status. There is a cloud link available for every dashboard page. That link, once saved to the home screen on my iOS devices, has been enough for my remote access needs.

But to pursue remote access aka "access through the internet" using VPN seems clunky. It never would pass the WAF/SAF test either. Soon I am going to experiment with Dataplicity to see if it can deliver on the easy remote portal promise. Anyone else wants to give this a spin please report back! I think there is a developer API so perhaps someday @kewashi with the help of this community will be able to integrate it or something similar.

In the meantime, happy Hubitating!


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I am confused on why you would use Dataplicity verses just using OpenVPN when using a Pi. The WAF shouldn't have to access your HE admin. My wife only cares about if the garage doors and exterior doors are locked. We just use the HE dashboard to control those from a visibility standpoint. And just recently we are now using HomeBridge with HomeKit on our iOS devices to control using Siri.

Dataplicity just adds another layer of potential cloud failure as you direct yourself through a cloud service and then back to your home network. If they have an issue you have no access remotely. Dataplicity is not is free-mium meaning they are getting something from you either about your network topology, packet sizing, whatever. Their certs not yours so they in essence have access to your network and the visibility into your traffic to/from their service.

OpenVPN is quite simple to setup especially if you use the PiVPN Bash script I posted above. And it is FREE! It does all the hard work for you and literally takes a couple minutes to setup, Your hardest part is ensuring you can port forward your firewall to your Pi which you will have to do anyways. VPN clients for every known device (iOS, Windows, Linux, Droid, etc), fast connectivity and easy to create secure personal certs.

Give it a try!

HousePanel author here...

I’m sold on trying OpenVPN. I will give OpenVPN a try soon. I have been looking for a safer way to access HousePanel from outside the house. At present I have a version running on my public Godaddy server with the new HP password feature enabled but a hashed password is fairly weak security and public shared hosting servers are painfully slow. I have fixed home IP’s so VPN is a good solution for me.

Now... the really interesting part would be if I can build it into HousePanel directly? I have no experience with it so I am clueless but if there is an API it can probably be done. Any thoughts on this?


Great question! Check out: Private Tunnel | OpenVPN

If you have a Linux capable pc running on your network, you can follow this tutorial, a script is included for most functionality. After install I just setup a port forward on my eero gateway and I'm able to access hubitat and other services securely.

"build it into HousePanel directly?"

That's an awfully big bite... And for using an API, isn't it going to come from something already installed? If OpenVpN is already installed, and using it (as is) consumes under 2 seconds, you'd have to improve on their UI, via the API, pretty significantly to gain traction.

On my iOS devices it's literally two clicks. One to launch the OpenVPN client and then there's only one button.. the one next to my profile. That's it... ok, wait, now I have to gesture to go back to the App I really wanted.. which is HousePanel.

I guess there's room in there to improve. :slight_smile: not a ton, but some.