A little help on this lighting sequence

I want to build a lighting sequence that I just can’t seem to resolve any help would be appreciated I will give you the specifications.
This will be for turning on a lamp in the master bedroom when motion sensor sees motion.
Here’s the trick you go into the room light comes on and then the commands given to echo to turn out the light. I need the light to not come on again until morning. But if I give echo a verbal command to turn on the light it needs to come
So what I’m trying to accomplish is go to the bedroom with climb in bed we give a command to turn out the lights. and then if someone gets up during the night for whatever the light will not come on but if I give a command to echo to turn on the light it will aluminate.

Could you not break the sequence into separate functions e.g separate out the voice control to make things easier ?
What have you got so far ?
Also when you get your Rule running and can make your lamp “aluminate“ then - don’t tell anyone but get in contact with me immediately. We could become very wealthy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

How are you automating your lights? Where does the Echo fit in? Are these Alexa-only lights without direct integration into Hubitat?

If they in Hubitat at all (and Hubitat is doing the work of automation), then the most common way to restrict automation is with modes. If you aren't already using modes, you can create any you want beyond the default, then use an app like Mode Manager to configure them to automatically change according to your schedule (besides time, one thing I do is have Alexa activate a virtual switch that turns on night mode if it wasn't already). Personally, in Night Mode, most of my lighting automations don't turn on the lights at all. Some do to very dim "night" levels. This an option in the built-in Motion Lighting app. Most apps have ways to modify or restrict behavior based on mode.

Also, if regular automation doesn't work this part, I might suggest a button device (the Hue Button, Eria Remote, Hue Dimmer, or SmartThings Buttons all work natively with Hubitat; a Pico remote can if you have a Lutron bridge; and many smart switches can be configured to disable the relay and become effectively a button device--just to name some options) for turning it on at night. Nobody wants to yell at Alexa to turn the lights on any time, but especially at night. :slight_smile:


Here's one way to do this...

Create a virtual switch in HE and expose it to Alexa. Set up an echo routine in the Alexa app that turns out the light and turns the virtual switch on. When you go to bed, use the routine to turn the lights out. In RM4, use motion changed for the trigger. In actions, turn the light on only if the switch is off. You'll need to also set up something to turn the switch off in the morning.

Another way to do this is with Modes. I use Alexa "good morning" and "good night" routines to change mode to Asleep and Home because I don't go to sleep or get up on any set schedule. At night, my lights come on in nightlight mode. The Motion Lighting app will allow you to turn on lights to different levels by mode, so you could use Motion Lighting in your scenario if you have different modes.

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Get a bed sensor (or 2) and restrict motion lighting when the bed sensor contacts are closed. Works well for me:

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Yes a bed switch would be the easiest. had not though about that! I know they exist the beds at the hospital I work at had them. research!
thanks jp

I have nothing that works correctly . I can turn lights on/off based on time but if you get up at night lights will come on and blind you and wake up the wife..... now I have a problem

create a mode for it. Simple. We have your lights interact according to mode. I do the same thing, but I use a Qi charger connected to a contact sensor to change the mode to quiet time and night time. the lights interact according to mode. It's been solid for us for over a year now. you can use a verbal command to turn them on if needed.
@jack1 I have a similar case use. Here is a link to my projects using Qi chargers. This will give you an idea of what we do. I refuse to ask our house to do anything or use dashboards to turn on and off lights. Otherwise there's no point to automation.

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I must look into modes have not gone there yet. still a newbi to Hab. former ST

thanks to all for your help

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