'In bed' sensor for purchase wanted

I’m looking for a solution that I can purchase (not build) that will sense when I’m in bed and is only local (does not send data to the Internet). I’ve tried to come up with a ruleset that would work based on multiple motion sensors, but the timing (even the small amount of delay from the SmartThings sensors) just won’t let the logic work reliably.

Although you can automate it based on a switch, voice control, or even the mod for the charging of a phone by adding a switch to the Qi changing stand, I invariably forget to do what’s required when I’m very tired. For example, with the Qi changing stand idea I might leave my cell phone in my pants pocket or on my desk instead of on the charger of the nightstand. I’d buy one (or 2) of the Withings Sleep mats (@ $100) immediately… if the data was only local and not sent to the web/required an app on the phone. The HubDino looks neat, but I don’t want to go through the effort of learning to setup Arduino. I’ve got a little experience with a RPi and I couldn’t even get software I wanted installed and running AlexaCookieNodeJs despite burning up a few days of time.

As of now it’s based on me remembering to hit a button each night to set the alarm and there’s other automations I want to perform based on the same condition of being ‘in bed’. After all the whole point of automation is to make it automatic. So I shouldn’t have to push a button to get tasks done.

What surprises me is that no company (that I’ve found so far) is offering such a device. Sure, you can buy something web-based [grumble]. But Internet outages are what (thankfully) forced me to move from the few simple lighting control tasks I had on SmartThings to Hubitat so that things I need automated are under local control.

Any ideas on where I can purchase something that will work locally and reliably with Hubitat?

I've never seen such a device for sale, but I can say that hubduino is surprisingly easy to set-up and has a driver for this, would be put together very affordably, and you could definitely set it up even with no history of working with these things. It's really much less scary than it sounds and a lot of people, myself included are willing to walk you through it if you do hit a problem

My preference for buying something outright is more about time than worrying about building the item. I've had more than one customer call me a "pit bull" as once I sink my teeth into a problem, I don't like to give up. That's why I burned up days (including skipping a night of sleep on a workday) trying to get the AlexaCookieNodeJs going. I've got several new devices in hand (with more on the way and looking to purchase more) I want to get setup and test. At this point in my learning of Hubitat, it's be better to buy a sensor to meet my needs... if at all possible.

I’ve found this but can not find any info about it working with HE.

Interesting. That appears to be connected to a Control4 Wireless Contact Relay:


I found the sensor on YouTube. It's pretty small:


Honestly—and I know you don’t want to build something—but it doesn’t get much easier than an EcoLink Z-Wave contact sensor and a pressure mat put into the external contacts of that sensor.

Outside of pairing the sensor, the only added steps (and time) are cutting the wire, stripping 3mm off of the end, and securing that into the contacts.

I’ve yet to see an all-in-one solution, so this is about the best I’ve been able to come up with so far for an in-bed sensor :slight_smile:


That'll work. Ordering today.

Thank you!

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That's the 2.5 version in the link. I have one of the 2.0 versions installed on my front door and didn't remember there were internal contacts available on it. I went ahead and ordered a spare to have around. Maybe I'll add an external reed switch, mount the Ecolink under the backside of the mailbox, and use it as a mailbox sensor. I'm sure I can dig up a small magnet around here to use.

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If you have any old GoControl contact sensors (WADWAZ-1), they also have external contacts that can be used for this purpose. I used to use one for my doorbell.

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Thank you. But contact sensors is one of the things I haven't really invested in yet. The only one (currently) is on the front door since it's the single access to the house normally used. I do have a plethora of motion sensors installed though (and more on the way).

From the initial testing, it appears this is working. Thank you for the suggestion.

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how’s it working? I may try

I’m going to try this. But don’t exactly understand

  1. would the mat still need battery?
  2. will the Mat auto “zero” under an already heavy mattress?
    Thank you

No, the mat doesn't need a battery. It's just a pressure sensing switch.

No, the mat doesn't "auto zero". Mine sits above the mattress but below a foam topper and has worked well until recently. Over time it 's gotten to where it's more pressure sensitive from being compressed/wrinkles and needs to be replaced. For the small amount of money (~$25), I don't mind replacing it for the convenience it provides in my home automation.

Oh ok? Does it make a loud annoying crinkle?

I can hear it a times, but it's not loud as the sound is muffled by the topper. I move around a lot in my sleep and have been able to put some odd pressure on the mat causing it to become creased which I think is the main problem.

It makes life interesting if the mat doesn't read me getting out of bed correctly as HSM lets me know by turning on all the lights and setting off 2 sirens.

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What (economical) bed occupied sensor solution are you using‘ thank you!

None, but I'm curious... is this for keeping tabs on your teenagers? :joy:


Maybe, maybe not lol

I don't have one (yet), but economical is subjective... The Withings Pad is $80 right now ($20 off the normal price) https://www.amazon.com/s?k=withings+bed+sensor&ref=nb_sb_noss