23 years in the making. Finally--reliable room level presence thanks to mmWave

I did it!

You Tube Video... Successful room occupancy using Hubitat, mmWave sensors, and Webcore

I am using the "spammy" WZ-M100 mmWave sensors available on Aliexpress for about $20 each.

tuya mmwave sensor wall mount

I currently have 15 in service and the hub CPU operates in the 12-30% range.

One issue that I resolved today: I had the LUX threshold setting at 10. Default is 1. I moved this to 30 which reduced the number of calls to my Webcore pistons and therefore reduced the load on the CPU.

I have been researching and trying to achieve this since I first started with X-10 20 years ago. I'm a happy old man.


Nice. Why not use some of the non spammy mmwave sensors instead?

I really looking forward to moving in the direction of mmWave sensors exclusively. I am obsessed with appearance though. As much as the Aeotec TriSensor has given me a lot of grief, they had decent recessed mounts available.

I have one mmWave sensor in the basement above the ceiling tiles and it works very well. Now that hiding them seems a little easier, I'll do more with them.

The sensor you're using, although sounds to be very functional, looks dreadful. A big emblem on the front is something I won't consider. I'm sure if these will see through a ceiling tile, there is something I could do to improve the appearance, but this is more work, makes them non-returnable and would void any warranty.

I'm glad everything has worked out so well for you. There is no question home automation is evolving rapidly and what you have is of course a good sign.


you have one in mind that's Zigbee, around $20 and work with Hubitat?

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I have one of these exact sensors that I bought for testing. It worked great for weeks, but absolutely destroyed my 5ghz wifi at home as they emit 5.6-5.8ghz radio as their means of operation. I was going to live with it honestly, as 2.4ghz worked fine, but after about 3 weeks of installation, my ZigBee radio crashed and every ZigBee device had to be reconnected to Hubitat again. Since it had been stable for years until that moment, I blamed the mmwave sensor and removed it.

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Thank you for the good infos. I was looking into the Aqara FP2 but just couldn't stand the size and price right now. But then again, my ring motion sensors are also huge...

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What kind of grief? I have one and love it.

The 24ghz mmwave sensors are above $20. There is a thread on the forum with a discussion on 24ghz sensors.

The OP should open up one of their sensors and take a photo of the mmwave board. There is a good chance they are 5.8ghz and not 24ghz. 5.8ghz is microwave.

Here is my computer WiFi antennae within three feet of the device.

Wifi seems to be unaffected...


I was also having the zigbee crashing issue in this thread.

No one could ever confirm a cause. I now have more of these sensors than previously. My zigbee network still goes down occasionally. 3 times Tuesday, 2 times yesterday, and 0 times so far today, but it comes back up in 14 seconds since I updated to *.152

  1. Seems like they work.
  2. They cost $20.

A white label (sticker) could fix that. I'm more concerned about the cords. I'll be adding wire track for esthetics once I am sure that they are all in the best locations.

I have one that I fried with a nonstandard micro usb cable.

Here is what the inside looks like...

Bought from China. I don't think that there is a Chinese word for warranty. :wink:


There actually is:



Good Luck



Thanks. These are 5.8ghz and not 24ghz. They are microwave and may or may not have issues with sensing through walls too far. These have trouble with some of the micro movements that 24ghz sensors can pick up.


The 24GHz ones are $29 on Amazon last I checked. Although if it ain’t broke…

That Linptech is one of many options for a zigbee 24ghz sensor.

I have one back in AZ ready for me to tear open like a kid having a birthday. (The Linptech, that is) Tomorrow's the day.

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If this is true about the Linptech, that's pretty impressive.

Human Body Exist Detector

Sometimes Google Translate just does not quite do it... :wink:

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One on the way to play with, the easy overnight via Amazon pushed me over the edge. :slight_smile:

Plus they were offering a 10% off coupon, so I've saved billions! :wink:



Please report back.

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Will do...need to determine which driver is the correct one for this device.

@kkossev or @JumpJump or @Ken_Fraleigh - can you help w/which driver?

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DAMN YOU!!! I just ordered 5 with 1 of them discounted.
I have places that I can use these, and of course, 30 days return if they don't work.....

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