[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Multi-Sensor 4 In 1 (PIR motion sensors and mmWave presence radars) w/ healthStatus

@bbholthome please update to the dev.branch version 1.5.2

There are some small changes in it, trying to achieve the MVP - presence detection (motion) working and reducing the spamming messages. Let's see if this true 24Ghz radar will work OK with the default settings.

The logs are much cleaner.

I sat still on purpose to get the inactive event. I see no evidence of the flicker between active and inactive for a few milliseconds. Great work but are you not concerned about all the distance reports putting a heavy load on the hub? So far I see no evidence of it.

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I purchased the Tuya ZigBee Multi-Sensor 3 in 1.
Is it possible to disable the led indicator?
There is a parameter called "radarLedIndic" but i don't know the relevent string to insert.

I have pushed version 1.5.2 (last changed on 2023-09-14) for an update via HPM.

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@yanivsh23 I haven't found a way to disable the 3-in-1 sensor LEDs. This function works for the 4-in-1 sensor only.

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You can check this post : 23 years in the making. Finally--reliable room level presence thanks to mmWave
The OP is running 15 of the "spammy" WZ-M100 mmWave sensors without noticeable issues.

Just to be on the safe side, I would recommend running so many radars on a second hub.

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In terms of having the lights go out while I'm sitting still I'm not see any improvement over my Aqara FP1. Retriggering the lights back on after the lights go out is better with this device. The field of view seems wider, the lights come on sooner when I enter the room.

I'm going to play around with the settings to see if I can get the small movement detection better. So far I haven't been able to make any improvements.

I've been very pleased with the so called "spammy" 24GHz wall sensor in our tenant space. Working exactly as needed. Running it on HA with no noticeable disruption, so I've decided to buy two more from the same seller. They say they've got both 24 and 5 GHz versions, so I specifically ordered the 24GHz versions and hopefully they deliver that.

I've really changed my mindset about mmW, and it's place in my home. These are going to save me a ton by lowering the heat setting in unoccupied spaces. For this minor investment of $24 US a piece, I'll save hunderds of dollars this Winter.


Going down the track of mounting a ceiling mmWave sensor above the bed to detect if someone is there (but otherwise too still for normal motion sensors to pick up).

Looking at the list at the top of the thread I found this (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004147995775.html). Thinking of going with the Moes version as it has a cleaner look with a blank face.

Has anyone got this sensor and found any issues with it (e.g. too chatty etc.).

Thanks in advance.

Another option is below the bed pointed up or at the foot corner angled toward the head to cover as much top of bed as possible with the cone.

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As long as it will transmit through a cat's body, remembering my cat's behavior. Place anything on the ground and he would assume I had put it there for him to lie down on. :wink:

Have we identified a 24GHz ceiling mount that combines the key attributes below?

  1. Not spammy
  2. Option to supply power from the rear
  3. In the $20 - $30 range

Has a favorite emerged?


Put it in a box.


Clearly you've never owned a cat...a box is just a puzzle waiting to be solved. :wink:

I'm actually going to try mounting one to the bottom of our bed, that way I can run the cord along the bedframe so it won't be run over by the primary bedroom robovac. Biggest issue will be reaching the spot where I want it w/out taking the mattress and box spring off the bed. If I can't reach then I'm try at the foot of the bed pointed towards the headboard.

Great idea, thanks.

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Didn’t even think of that possibility. Might try that with a spare Aqara FP1 I have lying around.

Keen to see what favourite emerges for a ceiling mount in due course.

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Ironically, his name is Schrodinger.


LOLs... I guess that means whenever he climbs into a box you just step away. :smiley:

Does this model support MMwave?
The device works fine when I use it just for motion under YXZBRB58_RADAR Profile.
The device becomes non responsive when I change the profile to Human Presence MMwave Radar profile.
Particulars below:

  • manufacturer: _TZE204_sxm7l9xa
  • model: TS0601
  • tuyaVersion: 1.0.10
  • deviceProfile : TS0601_YXZBRB58_RADAR
  • driverVersion : **1.5.2 2023

It looks like one of the 5.8GHz radars. Not technically millimeter wave, but much more sensitive than PIR. I would suggest using the profile that works. This driver covers quite a few different sensors. They are all radar, some 24GHz, but most are 5.8.

@jiggy_nubn Which may also mean that it will "see ghosts" through walls, e.g., sensor sees motion in another room through a wall (if I remember some posts here) so you may have play w/placement and any available sensitivity settings you have access to, to deal w/that.

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The distance setting is off by default. Turn that on and walk around the room. If you are not being picked up, raise the sensitivity. Check your minimum and maximum distances.

Don't forget to turn off the distance reports when you are done.

One more tip: set the illumination setting to 20, 30 or even higher. No one needs that much differentiation. This was one of the things jamming up my hubitat.