Free Tuya mmWave Sensor (needs repair)

I connected a Tuya mmWave Sensor (the white, thin, wall mount version) I think it is called a ZY-M100-S.

I was stupid and grabbed a non-standard micro-USB connector and it turns out +/- where reversed. Who knew that this was a thing? Anyway, the sensor lit up bright orange and the magic smoke that runs all electronic devices was released.

I'm hoping that someone with basic electronic skills can find the problem, fix it and put the device to good use.

Go to, buy a shipping label for 4 ounces to your address and send me the link so that I can print it.

First PM with a label gets it.

Ah bummer! I did one of those magic smoke tricks when I accidentally hooked up an IKEA Trådfri LED driver to 220v :man_facepalming:

Those ZY-M100-S sensors are excellent. Worth repurchasing.

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That should be illegal. And so should standard micro-USB connectors. Just use USB-C.

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I smoked a solar panel by not paying attention to the wiring at the controller. :grimacing:

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