2.2.7 Update re "Room"?

I just updated to 2.2.7

Everything working smoothly.

What are we going to do with the "Room" assignment?

I'm busily assigning rooms to all my devices in anticipation!

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Me too... Well I am in the process of applying the update...

Please say it will factor into both general UI and (importantly) default dashboard setup?

Or even dashboard device selection, i.e. the config setting about what devices are monitored by a dashboard / available for selection....

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If I can add a feature request amongst the flurry of posts re rooms.... Can they be synced between hubs via Hub Mesh? In doing so, can there be some way to control whether a destination hub for Hub Mesh decides the room, or whether it is decided by the source hub?

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I have setup a more general post re ideas around rooms, sorry to steal your thunder if that is what you were intending.... I did get a little excited myself at the idea of this as a feature...

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It occurred to me that I might want to put all of my Z-Wave fire/smoke alarms in a "virtual room" based on functionality rather than the physical location room.

But, I am totally making this up based on no information.


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I do feel like it has come as somewhat of a surprise and hopefully will spark some ideas and innovation from the Community, hence my own excitement and eagerness to start my own thread... essentially the same as yours in the end...

De nada.

I have no thunder.

Looks like it's just you and me anyway.

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Go look in the HE mobile App and you will find the first use case. It's actually pretty good!


Others have shown genuine interest, which is pleasing to see... but have focused on more support related questions.

I'd like to promote longer-term requests around how users want to see a feature like Rooms used moving forward, ways that the HE team could leverage this in different places to make the HE platform even better. Wow, I sound like a sales guy... I'm just a lowly techie.... but one who wants to see Rooms used in many different places in the HE platform... In the end it seems so logical and so useful for me...

100%, it is great.... Exactly what I need for my lighting...

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This looks awesome!

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Looking quick and easy!

Is there a way to choose icons?

I would like my fans to be fans instead of dimmers.

A Zigbee dimmer was identified as a switch and the tile doesn't do anything. How do i troubleshoot this?

Anyone know?

Don't make me read the documentation.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm guessing this is currently on Android only? I see nothing in iOS.

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It’s available in the iOS beta app, which anyone can sign up for:

Ah, thanks. I'll wait until it is "bug free*".

  • bug free = we don't charge extra for any bugs in it. :rofl: