Rooms Ideas / Feature Requests

I know I certainly have a few.... happy for others to contribute... or link to other posts...

Can't claim to be the only place for innovation in this space... But would like to at least centralise the list of requests we have in this space if we can...

A couple of ideas:

  1. Virtual Devices or built-in selection in RM, etc, for room level:
  • Power reading - utilising smart plugs with power readings, allowing rules to utilise power in a room being above a certain threshold
  • Motion - like configuring zone motion built-in app
  • Temperature / Humidity - self explanatory, average of various sensors assigned to the room
  • etc....
  1. Use of rooms when defining the devices associated with a dashboard as I have commented in another topic
  2. Devices linked in other places, such as Maker API, custom apps, etc, use Rooms instead, or as an option for defining a list of devices...
  3. Modes per Room - obviously getting into more complicated territory (I expect...), but hey, it's easy to request...
  4. Hub Mesh - I'm sure there are plenty of application here for configuring a list of devices to sync utilising Rooms instead of individual devices...
  5. Virtual Rooms - based on device type and / or other options. Examples may include all Z-Wave or Zigbee devices, all Fire/Smoke Alarms, etc.
  6. Rooms inside rooms - it would be nice to include rooms inside other rooms, e.g. "upstairs" in my home may include the living and bedroom "rooms", downstairs may include the entrance and garage "rooms".
  7. Zones - A separate concept to Rooms. Rooms may be exclusive, i.e. a device can only belong to one Room, but a device can belong to more than one Zone.

Anyone else have any ideas.... :grin:



How about "virtual rooms" based on functionality instead of physical location?

It occurred to me to put all of my Z-Wave fire/smoke alarms in a virtual critical alert room.

So now, we need the capability to put a device in more than one room.

And. we need the capability to put rooms in rooms - like "Upstairs" and "Downstairs".



Exactly what I want, on a sloping block with living / bedrooms above a garage / entranceway, I have exactly that from a lighting perspective...

Sounds like they may also need to rethink group functionality too in that case...


yes, a tough ask in terms of how best to separate those, or not....

Personally, I did like the concept Philips came up with of rooms and zones. Maybe the same could apply for HE... Rooms could be exclusive, i.e. a device can only belong to one room, but a device can then belong to multiple "zones".

I'm using groups for things like downstairs, upstairs, terrace, home. But really just for lighting where it makes sense. Anyway I'm liking the Rooms concept - it seems a bit like how Google Home works and that's just a flat structure, doesn't allow a hierarchy as far as I know, and each device can only sit in a single room, but is still useful. Interested to see where the HE team takes this given the current release is just "foundational" as they say in the release notes.

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That's a good point, the option to include a room in another room would be a nice addition... That way if you expand the list of devices for Room X, which you configure as part of Room Y, then Room Y should expand as well....

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Also, there needs to be the ability to have a device in multiple rooms simultaneously.

Use case:

Lights at the shared border of rooms (ceiling, pendants, etc.). Not really the same as a group.


Exactly, Rooms (or something similar) can't be exclusive, there needs to be some construct to allow devices to be in multiple "rooms".


Updated my original list to take into account recent posts....


I’d be happy if there was a “not listed in a room” list. Before I had things in rooms, I had all devices listed. Now that I have some rooms built I don’t have an “all devices” option :frowning:

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I’m trying out using the rooms to separate the devices that are Hub Mesh. Yes, I know it puts the hub name at the end of the device, but that doesn’t help much when you have 4 hubs meshing everywhere. Will see the problems down the line when some functionalities arise.

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I think if the abity to assign a device to more than one room could help with a mesh breakup as well as more traditional room breakup.

Either that or introducing another piece of info for each device indicating the hub the device comes from.

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