2.2.4 Release - Congrats to the HE team!

Congrats on the 2.2.4 release to the HE team. Quite a release, with many new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and just a lot of cool stuff.

A ton of work went into the release, I think we all noticed that the HE team was unusually quiet in the forum while they were working on it, evidence of their intense efforts on this update.

Raise a glass to your continued efforts to maintain Hubitat as the leading home automation platform. :smiley:

  • As of 11/20/2020, the current released version is
  • As of 11/19/2020, the current released version of 2.2.4 is, which replaced (which had a small but very nasty bug).

No kidding, that's quite a release there. Hub mesh looks extremely interesting. Bravo to HE staffs and the beta team.



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Holy guacamole, that's a lot of updates!


Yeah, great updates! I thought the update sent out the same email like 12 times, lol!

Now if only I could get my "bricked" C7 working again...give me that FW updater.

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The QR Guest dashboard works greit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

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And the Clone Function in RM is Exactly what I wanted!!! It works good so far also!!

It would be nice to be able to add for example extra sensors that are included in the rule directly in the cloning. (now you only can add one sensor...

I am glad to see it out in the wild...now I am gonna sit back and let most of the early adopters find any issues that didn’t get sniffed out in beta..... then I am gonna throw some tests at the new dashboard security!

I am glad to see the sheer number of improvements and fixes listed here!


I'm loving Hub Mesh. Good job.
The dashboard changes are a right pain though.
I have got to go through all my dashboards and update them.
Not a good change for me.

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Congrats to the entire Hubitat team - Bravo!


Normally, I wait for some hot fixes before updating... But I so like the idea of Hub Mesh that I jumped in. So far, working well. Simplifies Node-Red implementation for multi-hub installation.

My one suggestion with Hub Mesh is to add a "all devices" option, so when adding a device to one hub it automatically updates the other hub.


I'm waiting a while before updating my zigbee hub, just to be cautious. But my zwave and all my dev hubs are updated.


Agreed...having all my dashboard links (link from one dashboard to another) broken was a PITA...

But there's so much else to love... :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to the Hubitat Team... This is a huge release with many features. The product just keeps getting better!


Yeah, holy @&$* I love you guys. Hubmesh looks amazing. I'm not even mad about the chromecast thing anymore, this is great. :crazy_face: Looking forward to getting the mesh going.


have you found a way to have the links work in both cloud and local from the same tile like the dashboard link did? If not i dont think i am updating.. i dont want just a cloud version and i dont want to have to maintain two distinct versions.

if not maybe this is something that can be done in smartly via a javascript fx.

My understanding is that you must have separate links for cloud vs. local, I don't remember a work-around. I don't think there is a work-around w/Smartly.

Thank you everyone for the feedback on Dashboard Link tile. Engineers are working on making the tile available again, for existing dashboard links. And also evaluating the possibility of offering the Dashboard link tile as an option for new Dashboards.


I'll add my congratulations on a enormous upgrade. Tons of hours and brain power involved in this platform update.

One minor thing I noticed right off the bat, which I had hoped for forever, when you create a NEW rule in RM you no longer have to save it, and reload it, before you can run it. A real time saver - thanks a million times over.

Bobby D pointed me in the right direction to get up to speed with revising my Dashboards - thanks Bobby.

Is it just my system or does everyone get a white screen flash when moving from one dashboard to another via a dashboard link tile.