2.07 New dashboards


Has the update been removed? I have a notification but don't show any update available to download through the interface?


I try.


Yes, the update has been pulled for now. It appears that C5 Hubs did not migrate the registered trademark (yeah, we got our trademark registered) properly during the update process.

This is being fixed and a new update will be released as soon as we have it tested.


Although I still show 2 dashboards, (SL and HSM are also duplicated) my earlier issue with creating a new dashboard has sorted itself out. The new dashboard too is quite nice.:smiley:


@patrick I am more than willing to test this.


So should I roll back to the previous version or can I keep playing with the fun new Dashboards? I was just coming on here to ask exciting questions like how do I put HSM on the Dashboard now and add the pin keypad to tiles? Loving what I've seen so far!


Appreciate it. We have internal testing we have to pass first. We test as much as we can. This one slipped by us. So the logical thing to do is update our test first. Then we fix the issue and make sure the test passes.

Of course, no matter how good your tests are (and testers) it is impossible to be bug free.

Personally, I was too focused on testing dashboard feature functionality to even notice on my C5 hub this had occurred.

We missed it. We will fix it. That's what we do (not miss it, but fix it :slight_smile: )


Good question. Don't really know the answer. For now, if you are not too invested in dashboards, I'd say hold off or at least grab your backup from 2.0.6 and store it, just in case.

Rolling back is always an option, just make sure you restore a backup from prior to 2.0.7


Lol and :+1:


I did save a backup before I updated, just in case...

While you're double checking things before re-releasing... I just noticed that using the new Thermostat tile to switch the fan mode to On is not working - at least not for my generic z-wave thermostat. I know it can work, since just today a made a virtual switch to do it from the dashboard before the update came up... Selecting the "Fan Mode sub-button" comes up with the pop up to select Auto or On, but selecting On does nothing. However, if I turn the Fan to On with my virtual switch, I can switch it from On back to Auto using the new thermostat tile... So I guess it partly works...


@patrick The newly created dashboards seem to disappear. There weren't there, then they were and now they aren't.


Please roll back to 2.0.6 and restore your DB, until we fix this issue unexpected things are going to happen with both apps in the DB


I will leave things where I am unless some instability crops up. I wasn't heavily invested in dashboards so it isn't a problem for me.


I can't change thermostat mode or fan mode either using the new dashboard tile. Using the generic thermostat driver as well.

Update: Can change thermostat mode to Auto only using the dashboard but no other mode works.


Can either of you go into the gear -> Advanced Click Devices and show me the states for the device / driver that dashboard is seeing?



Just a commentary here - what device have you used where on the day of an update you can get this degree of interaction with the folks who are actually coding? ....

Being in control of if or when I upgrade is way better than having a buggy release forced on me when I am not able to control the timing and manage inevitable risks.,

Even worse - not being able to roll-back.

Thanks again Hubitat - it's a world of difference. And it's perfectly OK to stand back and watch this develop whilst maintaining a functioning hub - choice is good. Thanks for letting me choose :wink:


Here you go. Sorry they're so small on an iPhone away from home at the moment.


Lol, I must've

Definitely not working for me. I've clicked every possible pixel a hundred times. :smile: I'm able to get out of it by clicking -> to the next available non-image tile.


I have the update installed on the C4 hub, and it's working well.

Is there a way to change the color of the tile based on the input of (say) volume or illuminence?