ZXT-120 Remotec Zwave to ac ir extender problem

I can control my mini split with my zxt-120 but one thing is a real pain in the a...

Every time I send a new setpoint temperature command, my mini split switch to °F display and I need take the remote to switch it back to °C....

It' really annoying. Someone know how correct it?


Is that even possible? I thought that only the Hubitat display of temperature could be changed through Hubitat.

Could you have the wrong code and it is telling the minisplit to change scales from C to F when you push a certain button? Did you try other codes?

Or you could just learn the much easier and more accurate Fahrenheit scale like the rest of us! :grin:

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Where is the ZXT-120 device driver on Hubitat? I don't see it in the list of compatible zwave devices.

Remotec Zwave to IR AC Extender is what mine uses. It should select this upon pairing.

Select Remotec Zwave-to-ac IR extender in the built-in driver.

I don't use ZXT-120 anymore since I found the perfect wifi integration for midea mini split.

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